DIY The Tiger Who Came To Tea Costume.

As you may have read on Tuesday post, Jenson's pre-school have decided on a theme which meant I had little time to get an outfit sorted  for him and, therefore, have had to scramble together a quick make...

The theme is animals and as he already has a tiger hat, I am assume you have all seen pics of him on Instagram wearing it? No..I'll add one here..

...he he...funny YES? Any how let me get on with he has a tiger hat I decided we would be best of buying a plain white tshirt (I managed to get one for 50p in a Charity shop!!) and painted it orange (I used normal craft paint) and then Jenson helped, I use the term loosely, to paint on some black stripes. We then found a cats tail from Halloween and I wrapped it in some orange foam we had in the craft cupboard and let Jenson draw stripes on!

And tah dah...the finished product:



  1. What a cute little outfit, I've blogged about my Archie going as Pooh Bear in such a simple costume :)

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