The A-Z Of Me!

It came to me one morning that I spend so much time writing and researching/idea storming for my blog that I don't get chance to do a lot of reading anymore. 

Therefore I have made a conscious decision to start start reading some of my fave blogs from their beginning! Not only has it been really nice to see where my fave bloggers started but is also been quite inspiring in ideas for my own blog! Today comes with inspiration from this A-Z post from Aby at You Baby Me Mummy. So here it is an A-Z Of Me!

A- Anne.

My middle name! (That I hate!) I believe that my great grandma, Nan, Mum and myself (all first girls) have Anne as a middle name (I might be wrong but I'm sure I didn't dream it!) but I broke the tradition when I had Ellie...sorry family!

B- Barrow Upon Soar.

I moved to the lovely little village of Barrow Upon Soar (near Loughborough in Leicesterhire) in 2002. It is where Ellie was bought up until she was 4 when we moved back to my hometown of Skegness

C- Caravan.

I have my own little caravan, Betty! I cant wait for the weather to warm up so we can take her out (and finish her makeover!!)

D- Dean.

The hubster!

E- Ellie...Evie...Elsie.

My gorgeous girlies.

F- Fizzy Drinks.

MMMM MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm Coke, Dr Pepper, Cream Soda...All my drinks of choice!

G- Ghosts.

The thought of Ghosts scare the bejesus outta me! 
H- Hollyoaks.

I HAVE to have my daily dose of Hollyoaks. One of the only programme's I have on auto record...the rest are all Deans rubbish!!

I- Instagram.

I love Instagram, I was one of the first to download the app, (when I downloaded it there was 2 of my Facebook friends that also had it, now almost everyone I know/come across has it!!)  

J- Jenson.

My gorgeous boy! 

K- Kitchen.

I love been in the kitchen,I love baking, I love cooking! I just wish I had a nice big kitchen instead of our small galley kitchen!

L- Live Out Nanny.

In 2002 I worked as a live out nanny, the duration of the summer season for a local business owner. I cared for 2 girls aged 5 and 7 who holidayed in Cannes...I left shortly before their big yearly holiday, I always wonder if I would have been invited along!!

M- Make-over.

I dream of having a makeover! I seem to be stuck in a rut and I don't know where to go, I don't know what to buy, I don't know what to wear or how to wear it!  
N- Nursery Nurse. 

I was a Nursery Nurse since I was 19. And worked my way up from Nursery Assistant to Room Assistant to Room Leader to Deputy Manager in 5 years. I adored my job and have worked with all age groups from babies to preschoolers. I left after having Jenson and falling pregnant (suprisingly) with Evie.

O- Oh Dear! 

My most said words every day I must say this a million times! My life as a nursery nurse has made me rarely mutter the 'naughty' word (its an unheard word in nursery's FYI) I find 'Oh Dear' gets a good enough reaction and doesn't label the child but the behaviour!

P- Pasta.

I heart pasta! I would eat it every night if I could! YUM!!!

Q- Quiet Time.

I love quiet time! There is just 1 hour of this every day...when Jenson goes to preschool and we get home and Elsie goes for a nap, Evie likes to sit and watch a film (usually Frozen!) or Peppa Pig and the house plummets into silence.....

R- Reality TV

I adore c**p TV, I could watch TOWIE all day and that new Taking New York? Right up my street! Add CBB to the mix and a bit of 'At Home' with some celeb and I am in TV heaven!

S- Skegness.

Not so sunny Skegness (Lincolnshire) Where I was born and raised and currently living again after moving back here in 2009. (I moved away from Skegness in Winter 2002...See B!)

T- Tattoo's

I have 3 tattoo's, a rose and Ellie's name on my shoulder, Jenson's name on my wrist and a tattoo wedding band. I really need to have Evie and Elsie's name tattooed on me too...but god I hate them! Each time I had mine my sister cried with laughter at me...whilst I just cried! 
U- Undies.

I have some ridiculous obsession with underwear, I have about 40 pairs of knickers...I'm sure that is bordering on obsessive!

V- Vodka.

My drink of choice 'back in the day' been a while since I had a night of dancing and vodka...lots of vodka!

W- Wine.

My 'Mum' drink of choice! But again its not very often I drink now but every now and again I will treat myself to a bottle I mean glass!

X- X (Kisses)

I am possibly the wort for over using the xx on the end of texts and I'm really bad for doing it in emails...important emails! I have also been known to add xx on the end of texts to exes and I also did it on the end of a letter to Ellie's school! Pah haa!!!! 

Y- York.

My fave place in the whole of the UK. Definitely my happy place and gutted we haven't been for a few years *sad face*

Z- Zig-a-zig-ha

Best girl band ever? The Spice Girls! I HEART the Spice Girls. I mean I am no crazy fanatic but I have made Ellie listen to their songs! And I maybe taught her the dance moves to Stop...

What do you mean you don't know the dance? Here's the video to help refresh your memories!!


  1. awesome list, I love this. Such a great idea for a blog post xx (ha ha kisses!)

  2. I loveeeee the Spice Girls too. And wine. This is why we are friends! xx

  3. Thanks for linking to my post and for linking up to #TheList xx

  4. LOVE IT! I love this post Becky, great to read more about you and your lovely family. What I'd do for a glass of your mum drink of choice with you (or a voddy!) - Britmums?!?! I also totally over use xx and often find I've put it in really inappropriate places - text to my boss, etc.

    Thanks for linking up to #TheList xxx


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