The Fib's We Tell As Parents!

I recently saw this post in the Independent about Research* shown that the most common fibs we tell are to 'make ourselves look better'...


At number one it was found that 45% lie about skydiving (I don't know bout you but its not something that ultimately makes me thing better of someone?) in second place (41%) was lieing about having met a celeb...I suppose depending on the celeb this could be cool, I mean if I told you I had met (the gorgeous) Eastender Danny Dyer you would be pretty impressed right? But if I told you I had met I dunno ermm Dean Gaffney (off 90's Eastenders fame) you would be less than impressed!

Anyways it got me thinking about the fibs we tell kids...

The fibs that, in fact, don't make us look better, in fact they make us look a bit tight, but they do add to the magic of childhood!!!

I mean would it not look better to admit to kids it is in fact not Santa that brings all those gifts every is in fact US who bust a gut every November and December spending every last penny to ensure this year is better than last year? To ensure that that special must have pressie is under the tree because WE bought it not Santa!

And what about the tooth fairy? Would it not look better on US if we admitted it was US who left the £5/£2/£1/50p etc under the bloody pillow...that is in fact US who have to sneak as quietly as we can and prize the teeney tiny tooth from underneath a big pillow and sleeping child's head without waking up said sleeping child!

And the Easter Bunny who will soon be gracing our homes and leaving behind s**t loads of chocolate ensuring they have enough chocolate to last their lifetime to be eaten in 1 weekend ''Oh thank you Easter Bunny'' the kids all shout and in your head you call ''NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO It was ME who bought you them MEEEEEEEEE I TELL YOU!!!!''

So my question is this....

Would you ever tell your kids the truth to make yourself look better?

I for one never will!!

*Research by Into The Blue 


  1. Great post! I think these three are the best lies we tell and I don't understand anyone who chooses to tell the kids the truth. I have two kids that know all three are not real and it's really sad x

  2. Fab post....They are the lies which make childhood so special and magical. Even though my eldest doesn't believe in those things anymore I still won't actually tell her it was me doing the hard work all along x

  3. Oh I couldn't agree more, fictional characters get far too much credit in our kids lives. But I wouldn't have it any other way I couldn't ruin the magic x


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