Zip It By Patricia Hegarty Review

We love books, this is a fact! So when ever we get the opportunity to review books we always say yes! So when Little Tiger Press got in touch and asked us to review some books for them of course we said yes!

Zip It is a 12 page book aimed to introduce young children (age 3-5) to buttons, zips and laces. 

All presented in a beautifully bright way and with child friendly images to show them 'how-to' I don't think any child would be able to resist this beautiful book!

What did the monsters think?

Well lets see...arguments over the book quickly ensued all 3 wanted it and they wanted it NOW! So yes, I mean they LOVED this book...(loved been in the past tense as Jenson is so heavy handed he has managed to rip most pages grrrrrrrr) It also helped Jenson nail that button fastening within just a few days of having the book!! 

They loved Fhiona Galloway's beautiful bright and simple images  throughout the book and the instructions were simple enough for Evie to follow as well as Jenson.

What did I think? 

This book is a great and wonderful addition to our book shelf although I hated the arguements that happened every time this book came out BUT in saying that I loved the enthusiasm that it brought along with it. I loved the simplicity in each page too. I do wish that the pages had been a bit more durable though to keep it  from tiny toddler hands who seem to break everything they touch!

I would recommend this book as a Parent and Toddler sharing book rather than a leave on the book shelf for the toddlers to reach book...this might lengthen its life!! 

I loved that within a few days Jenson was fastening his buttons like he had always been able to do so! What a bonus when a book actually teaches a skill.

You can buy Zip It! from the Little Tiger website priced at £8.99 

Disclaimer: We were sent this book in return for an honest review. All words and images our own.

Let them be small


  1. I love the idea of this book, such a great idea and so fun but educational too! x

  2. This is such a great idea for a book! I know what is next on our reading list! Thanks for the review.

  3. Oh I love this idea for a book, I must invest my toddler could learn something and baby is very much at the stage of loving the touchy feely books! #weekendbookclub

  4. I have heard amazing things about this book and I can understand why. I really like the little tiger books, they have some really engaging titles out at the moment.
    thanks so much for linking to #weekendbookclub

  5. This looks so cute and such a fun way to learn about vital skills. #weekendbookclub


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