Train By Judi Abbot Review

As you all know by now we love books, we have books available for the monsters all the time, saying that we also need to watch a certain 1 year old is is obsessed with ripping paper! She will purposely sit on a book and then rips the pages as quickly as she can...because she knows we are a-coming! So although we have paper backs out, its also a good idea to have a few board books too!!

The lovely people at Little Tiger Press recently sent us some books to review one of which was Train! by Judi Abbot.

Train! has been around for a while and has also won awards, so due to popular demand has now been released as this board book...perfect for little hands (especially like Elsie's who LOVES to rip!).

Train! is a lovely little story all about Elephant who loves trains! (who'd have guessed it!) His Mummy and Daddy treat him to a train ride where he meets lots of new animals who all like something, planes, diggers...well poor little elephant doesn't like this..or does he? 

What Did The Monsters Think?

Evie LOVES this book, it is the book she chooses every night for a bed time story with Daddy...the others don't really get a look in! 

What Do I Think?

A really lovely story that teaches the importance of trying new things, making new friends and sharing. Highly important life skills. A great addition to our book shelf that has been and will continue to be enjoyed by us all!

You can buy Train! at the Little Tiger Press website for £4.99

Disclaimer: We were sent this book in return for an honest review. All words and images our own.


  1. This is such a cute book, Little Man loves trains at the moment and that elephant is so cute! x


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