Tomy Disney Princess Cinderella Aquadoodle Review

We usually have pens, paper, crayons etc out all the time but lately Elsie ha took a shine to drawing on everything...the cream leather sofa now has doodles all over it (if anyone has any tips on getting biro from leather comment below!) along with the walls and doors *sob*...Anyways I have packed them away until this habit has disappeared (they still come out but when I can sit and watch the monsters with them) so when Tomy asked us if we would like to review the Aquadoodle of course I said YES!

Remember water painting when you were small? Aquadoodle is the same kind of thing but on a bigger and more creative scale! 

In the box you receive: 
Disney Princess Aquadoodle Mat (85 x 55cm)
Aquadoodle Pen
Cinderella Heart Stamper/Roller

All you need to do to get started is fill the pen with water, and to fill the Cinderella just tip her upside down and let the water soak through the square sponge, once it is soaked put back upright and let excess water drain. Then your little ones are ready to get creative! 

What did the monsters think?

As you can see the Aquadoodle mat was enjoyed by all 3 of the littleys (and I am sure if Ellie will have been here she would have had a go too!!) Elsie really enjoyed the 'magic' of it and screeched in delight as Cinderella left her heart marks behind her as she pushed and pulled it along!!

Jenson couldn't wait to get  his hands on the pen and sat practicing writing his name (no photos because Elsie thought it highly hilarious to go over the top of Jenson's marks with Cinderella! 

And I thought Evie's head might explode with excitement that she had a ''dancing Cinderella!'' She loves drawing so absolutely loved the pen...though she loved Cinderella even more and she (for once) sat really patiently waiting for Elsie to finish with it!

After they had finished, AKA when the water had ran out and the arguements started, Jenson and Evie sat and watched their pictures disappearing whilst Elsie sat and had a melt down that the pen had gone!!! 

 What did I think?

I love the idea of the Aquadoodle, it allows the monsters to still be creative without me having to watch them every second for Elsie drawing on other stuffs. I will be investing in a few more of the pens so that they can have 1 each...and as I type this I am wondering if you can use a wet paintbrush on the mat...hmmm will have to try that one out!

The RRP of the Disney Princess Cinderella Aquadoodle is £21.99 and is available to buy from Argos, Amazon, Tesco, Mothercare, The Early Learning know all the usual toy stores. 

Disclaimer: We were sent this item for free in return of an honest review.

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  1. We have a different aquadoodle at home and my todder adores it!


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