Stur Water Enhancer Review

For a while now I have been thinking about how much juice the monsters have been drinking and I'd really like them, to be drinking more water! So when we were asked to review Stur Water Enhancer I was hoping this would be the answer to my questions...

What is Stur? 

Stur is an all natural water enhancer, using only natural fruit and tea flavours and lightly sweetened using the natural stevia leaf extract. Containing ZERO calories, ZERO sugar and 100% of your recommended Vitamin C in every glass Stur is a great way to to get more water into your diet. 

Stur is available in 6 flavours:
  • Peach Tea
  • Lemon Tea
  • Cranberry and Pomegrante
  • Orange and Mango
  • Green Apple
  • Blackcurrant and Apple

We taste tested the Green Apple flavour and  Blackcurrant Apple flavour. I must say I wasn't a big fan of them, they tasted to weak for me but the monsters loved them! 


All you have to do is give the bottle a little squeeze into 200ml of water (this is about the size of a childs plastic beaker/glass)  and five it a little stir.

As a Mum the fact that it contains 100% of the recommended Vitamin C daily intake, along with no sugar and no calories means I don't have to worry about 'nastys' that are in some other drinks they enjoy. I also love that the palm sized bottles means they fit perfectly into our changing bag! In fact it has become a must have in our bag when we pop out.

Another positive for me is they are great for the picnics we regularly enjoy during the warmer weather, as you can imagine taking drinks for all 6 of us (7 when we have stepson D) when nobody really likes the same well that kinda fills your picnic bag before you have even added food! But taking Stur I could easily fit a couple into my handbag and just  bottle of water in the picnic bag! Huzzah!

What Jenson thought....

''I love the blackcurrant flavour, its so so juicy''

What Evie thought....

''This juice is so nice Mummy...I love it I do!!''

What Ellie thought...

''I like that the bottles are easy to use and that I can make it myself and not get told off for using too much juice in my drinks!''

What Elsie thought...


Disclaimer: We were sent Stur for free in return of an honest review posted here on my blog and HERE at

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