Fruit Heroes Snack Bars Review

We are always on the look out for new snack to try and so when the lovely people at Fruit Heroes asked us to try out their fruit bars we of course said yes!

Fruit Heroes are the number one lunchbox snack in its native Denmark and one of the country’s biggest-selling, with more than 30 million Fruit Heroes fruit bars consumed every year. Sounds a big claim to make and we were busting to see what all the fuss was about!

Made from  freshly picked and sun dried fruit (the base of all the flavours is dates) carefully mixed and then pressed into shape, no heat or cooking involved, no artifical ingredients, no added sugar just fruit (and a little sunflower oil to ensure the bar isn't sticky). And whats more each 20g bar makes up 1 of your 5 a day and only contains 60-65 calories. 

So what did we think?

With 4 flavours to chose from, (Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Banana and Apple & Raspberry), the monsters were spoiled for choice and the verdict was 50/50!!

Jenson and Elsie LOVED the bars, Jenson has munched his way through over half of the bars! An ideal snack choice for him as he is a lover of all things in the treat cupboard rather than the fruit bowl!

Evie wasn't to sure, she seemed to have a few bites of a couple of bars then decided they weren't for her on both occasions.

And with Ellie...a categorical NO! 

What do I think?

As I said in the introduction I am always on the hunt for new healthy snacks for the monsters, especially as Jenson is a lover of treats! I was impressed by the claims and from looking at the nutritional values I am sure I am making a good choice with Fruit Heroes. 

I'm not to fussed that Ellie and Evie aren't fussed about them as they will happily eat a piece of fruit. 

I also like that Fruit Heroes can be used in home baking (so maybe I will be able to get the girl to eat them!) and we are keen to try the no cook Fruit Heroes Brownies! 

jule brownie_1

Want to try Fruit Heroes for yourself? You can buy them from Tesco, Holland & Barrett, One Stop, Selected Health Stores, Tree Of Life and Amazon.

Disclaimer: We were sent Fruit Heroes free of charge in return for an honest review.


  1. I haven't heard of these before but they look great, we'll have to keep a look out and try them soon x

    1. I should have said in my post (bad blogger, shall add it in now!!) they are available from Tesco, Holland and Barrett, One stop, Tree of life, Amazon and selected health stores.


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