Threading Busy Bag

Remember I said I was going to make LOTS of busy bag this month? Well I have been super busy making lots and lots of busy bags sure to keep any littley busy! 

What You Need:

Wool (as many colours and lengths as you like) 
Cardboard Shapes with small slots cut into the edges (we made ours from an old cereal box)

Again no rocket science here, just pop it all in a bag and when it comes to mission 'keep kids busy' start  younger children off by tying the wool around the widest part of your shape and let the littleys wrap it around the card until they are done. 

Its all about been creative, all one colour, like our hearts, which we gave as Mothers Day gifts to Nanna's. Or multi colours like our rectangles (that have since become bookmarks for Ellie)

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  1. This is such a great idea and the first time I've heard of Busy Bags, thanks so much for the inspiration x

    1. Thanks Donna, they are great I always tend to have one, like this in my handbag/changing bag now and also in the glove box in the car. We have found they are good to whip out during a traffic queue!! X

  2. This is a brilliant idea. Elsa is only 20 months but she's pretty good at fiddly things so I bet she'd like these.


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