5 Ideas For...De-Cluttering The House!

So now we are mid way through March Spring has (finally) sprung so that must mean its time for that big spring clean!  For us this means we get out into the garden and get it all tidied up and ready for warmer weather, it also includes a crazy mass de-clutter of EVERY thing in EVERY room of the house!

Our house is full of ''stuff'' literally its just ''stuff''...from ''stuff'' we received as a gift and ''stuff'' we got given from my Nan with a 'I thought you could use this for something' to ''stuff'' we bought because it was a bargain or was only a quid in Poundland and ''stuff'' that is waiting to go on Ebay/Charity shops etc...You get the idea...so when the Spring time comes around and you realise that actually you are living in something a hoarder (no? just me then yeah?) would be proud of its actually time to do something about it!

  So here are 5 Ideas For...De-Cluttering The House!


I don't mean this literally but ship them off to Grandma's for the day so you have a full day uninterrupted! Because nothing ever got done with a toddler in tow! Preferably on a day when charity shops and the tip is open 

2. You need four boxes and a bit of strong will!

Marked 'Put Away', Store Away', 'Throw Away ' and 'Give Away' be brutal when you are sorting and if you throw it in a box DON'T TAKE IT OUT!

3. Start of by...

Throwing away: 

  • Old Magazines 
  • Odd socks that are laying around waiting for their partner!
  • Candles with no/little wax
  • Pens with no lids/pens with no ink, broken crayons, broken pencils, chewed up rubbers, full of scribble note books..you get the idea!
  • Dead batteries
  • Old hairbrushes/toothbrushes/nail brushes and any old makeup that you haven't used in the last 6 months!
  • Unidentifiable chargers!
  • Food storage/Lunchboxes with no lids or indeed the lids with no bases!
  • Children's plastic plates (etc) that have peeling 
  • Broken stuff
TOP TIP: One man's trash is another man's treasure! Why not donate your old magazines to the local hospital/dentists/doctors and how about taking your (clean!) odd socks to a local kids club...hello sock puppets!
Storing Away:

  • Winter Clothes (that WILL fit next year!) 
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Autumn/Winter home decor
  • Stuff you will DEFINITELY use again in another season! 
TOP TIP: If you look at it and say ''We MIGHT use it again'' take it from me you probably wont! 

Giving Away:
  • Clothes that don't fit
  • Toys that are outgrown (why does your 3 year old need that rattle?!)
  • That blender you bought with the promise of making more home made stuffs..its still in its box your never gonna use it!
  • Stuff you find and say 'Oh I forgot about that' (you forgot about it for a reason!)
TOP TIP: Generally use the rule if you haven't used it for 6 months GET RID! By all means IF, and only if, you have the space to store it all then sell but if it hasn't sold after a month its probably not going to so just give it away and get it out of your way.

Putting Away: 
  • THAT ironing pile
  • The stuff (that is the stuff you still want) that has made its way to the floordrobe 
  • Toys that have made it to ''the shelf'' of doom! 
  • Sentimental Stuffs
TOP TIP: Once the box is full take the time to put it away instead of filling box after box with 'stuff to put away' because lets face it you don't then you won't!

4. If you haven't got time/don't want to spend a whole day de-cluttering...

Spend 15 minutes a day clearing an area...maybe the shelf of shame? Or the kitchen cupboard that empty's itself when you open the door? Or one toy box at a time!


Don't just fill the boxes, get rid of the boxes. PUT the stuff away, STORE the stuff away, GIVE the stuff away and THROW the junk out! 

Now, I'm off to take some of my own advice! If you decide to do the same...Good Luck!! And if you don't see me much about mucxh this weekits because I'm stuck underneath mountains of junk!!!


  1. Good luck with your spring clean! I'm eager to start mine too so thanks for the tips. I am a bit of a hoarder but need apace to buy new clothes that I'll actually wear and stop the walls closing in!! :)

  2. Hope you managed to get a lot of de-cluttering done? Great advice btw, we need to de-clutter every month as more stuff appears from the put away piles and from Charity shops!! :) xx

  3. I really like this idea, I think we definitely need to try this - my OH is a bit of a hoarder! I am a lot more ruthless!!!! #pocolo

  4. A nice post! I always make sure that my son is away when I am cleaning or otherwise he will put that all the things that I have put for recycling. Mummy I am using this and that is his fave dialogue. #pocolo

  5. I think this is one of my favourite of your posts Becky!! You've managed to get me excited about decluttering, in fact, I recon YOU should come around one day I've not got the kids and we should do it together...perhaps with that bottle of fizz in your friend that you refuse to drink?? Now that would be fun! In the mean time, I'm going to attempt the 15 minute challenge ;)

    Thanks for linking up! #TheList xx

    1. Excited about de-cluttering...my job here is done!!!! ;) Hannah if I lived closer...that bottle of bubbly would be mine and yours! It WILL be in my suitcase for Britmums weekend so you will have to join me and Beth for drinks on the Saturday night? x


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