5 Ideas For...A Home-Made Easter.

Easter is just around the corner and well to be honest I haven't bought, or planned ANYTHING. We have walked around the shops and looked at all the Easter goodies a thousand and one times and not bought anything, so I had a thought a couple of nights ago...lets go home-made, it worked at Christmas it can work again! So here are my...

1. Decorations.

Easter Egg Shaped Bunting - easter, bunting, easter display, RE
Image courtesy of Twinkl (link below)

This bunting, a download from Twinkl, is a super cute activity perfect for kids of all ages.

And how about these cute Easter bunnies made from toilet roll tubes. The monsters loved making them last weekend and they are currently sat on my fireplace! 

Image courtesy of Homemade Serenity.

I also love this Easter/Spring time flower wreath, made from egg cartons!

2. Easter Cards.

washi tape Easter cards, Easter cards for kids, washi tape crafts
Image courtesy of Mummy Alarm (link below)

I LOVE these Washi Tape cards from Mummy Alarm perfect for older kids to make.

Image courtesy of A Thrifty Mum (link below)

And these cards from A Thrifty Mum are just the cutest and perfect for little fingers!!!

3. Eggs!

What will you choose? 

Photo Courtesy of A Mummy Too (link below)

Chocolate Eggs, like this Easter Egg Pinata from A Mummy Too.

papier-mache easter eggs
Photo courtesy of Not Martha (link below)

Or how about these super cute (and easy!) Paper Mache Surprise Egg like these from Not Martha.

4. Easter Baskets.

Make these for or with your kids: Easter Craft Basket - recycling Tissue Paper from old gifts.
Photo Courtesy of Red Ted Art (link below)

I ADORE these baskets from Red Ted Art, super cute and easy to make, what kid isn't gonna love one of these!! We have actually attempted to make these...pop by and follow me on Instagram to see our efforts!

Easter Basket from a Cereal Box - Crafty Journal
Photo courtesy of crafty journal (link below)

5. Easter Baking.

Check out this post I shared last week 5 Ideas For...Easter Baking!

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  1. Love these ideas I will definitely be trying them out. :)

    1. Yeah go for it! We have made bunting today and we made baskets and surprise eggs at the weekend! Just cards and baking left to tick off! :)

  2. I am going to bookmark this page to have a proper read through, everything looks fab!!!! x

    1. Ahhhh thanks Katy! and thanks for taking the time to comment too XX

  3. What lovely ideas I love the washi tape cards #thelist

    1. Thank you Cathy. They are lovely aren't they. We are attempting something similar today!


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