Alfie and Grandma By Shirley Hughes Review

Shirley Hughes is an author I remember reading as a child, Dogger is and will always be in my list of top children's books! So when we were asked by the lovely people at Penguin Random House to review the collection of Alfie and Grandma stories I jumped at the chance!

The book is a selection of Grandma and Alfie adventures and has a choice of 3 stories within the book. We start the adventure with the never released in paperback 'Looking For Winnie' (Evie's fave story of the 3) where Alfie and Grandma, along with his sister Annie-Rose, go on the hunt for Winnie the next door neighbours tortoise! I won't ruin the story you will have to read it yourself to find out if they find her!!

The second adventure takes us on 'A Journey To The North Pole' (the north pole is the attic of anyone is thinking this is a Christmassy kind of story!) where they find lots of treasure in Grandma's attic on a boring cold and rainy day!

In Alfie and Grandma's last adventure we join them as they find a 'Lost Sheep'  and try to help it find their home! 

We loved this book full of charming illustrations and Shirley Hughes beautifully written stories its easy to see how Shirley ha been at the top of her game for over 65 years (yes really!)just looking at the images took me back to my childhood reading Dogger, Alfie Gets In First and my all time favourite book as a child 'My Naughty Little Sister' and was a pleasure to share these stories with my own children.  It has been great to review these books and I tell you all that this book is a fabulous addition to and a must have to any child's book collection.

As well as been a great story to read together the monsters have loved looking at the book themselves and last night settled themselves on the sofa and retold the stories using the pictures as a guide, it was a really lovely moment to sit and watch!

You can buy Alfie And Grandma (RRP £6.99) here on Amazon

And if you unsure who Alfie is and what the stories are about why not watch this video clip of Shirley Hughes introducing Alfie...

Disclaimer: We recieved this book free of charge in return of an honest review. All opinions and photo's are our own.


  1. Hello, we have a linky going over at #weekendbookclub! It would be great if you could add you link! Suz xo

    1. Yes I will defo join in! Thanks so much for letting me know X

  2. Love these books and will definitely be asking Georgia's grandma to buy her his for her birthday.

    1. a really beautiful book Clare, she will love it!


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