Oxo Good Grips Twist Top Water Bottle Review

Elsie has always been a monster for not wanting to use her baby sippy cups, or any kind of drinking receptacle that is hers....give her Jenson's and Evie's and well she away and will drink all day! So we were on the look out for a new bigger water bottle just for her!

So when OXO got in touch and told us they would like to send us something we obviously asked for a straw based bottle for our littlest monster!

We were sent the OXO Twist Top Water Bottle (710ml) in blue with an RRP of £10 it is admittedly not something we would usually have chosen, I don't think usually it would even have been on our radar! 

On the OXO website the product description states the water bottles features and benefits as follows:

  • Twist-open lid keeps straw clean and prevents spills when not in use
  • Soft, non-slip carrying loop
  • Large opening for filling, cleaning and adding ice
  • Convenient measurement markings
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 24-oz capacity <
  • BPA free

We loved the grown up look of the bottle, and it definitely appealed to Elsie (as she thought it belonged to someone else!!! The carrying loop made it easy for her to carry around without leaving a trail of water behind her!

The large opening made it much easier to fill and the fact that it holds so much means less walking back and forth to the kitchen filling up water bottles! (as you can imagine having 3 monsters at home means I spend the majority of they day walking back and forth with water bottles!) 

The straw is nice and soft.

The straw actually went all the way to the bottom of the bottle...a pet peeve of mine when you buy bottles with straws that don't reach the bottom grrrrrr!!!

What We Loved:

Well all of the monsters have love, love, LOVED this water bottle...and it has been put through its paces with Ellie taking it to school for her lunch, Jenson has taken it for his preschool water bottle and both Evie and Elsie have used it on our afternoon walks. In fact the size of the bottle means we only have to take one and they can share! Saving me a little bit of space in the changing bag!

I love the way the carry handle is positioned, we clean up a lot of water trails from our sippy cups been held by the handles.

It washes really well, we have had it for 2 weeks so far and used/washed every day and the measurement markings are still as clear as they day we got it!

It feels, and looks, like a luxury item. It doesn't feel as flimsy as some other's we have bought. Its a good solid bottle!

I like it as an adult bottle as well! If I could get my hands on it those measurement markings would be great at keeping track of how much water I have drank!

What We Didn't Like.

In general its a great water bottle and we all love it BUT it has one (quite big) flaw....

It leaks...although when the lid is closed it is totally non spill, when little children can't (or in Jenson's case don't) close the twist lid and it gets chucked on the floor on its side it leaks.  Like big puddle leaks...

Now if your constantly watching your children minute after minute this wont be much of a  problem as you can grab it as soon as it hits the floor BUT if your a busy Mummy and don't notice it laying their then uh oh say hello to wet carpets! 

BUT Saying that though it hasn't put us off and we have continued to use it, and will keep using it. We just need to reminding the monsters to let us close it or to put it on the side when they are done instead of just dropping it (yes easier said than done though they are getting their!)

Check out OXO's store locator to find out where you can find your nearest OXO stockist for this Good Grips Twist Top Water Bottle and other OXO products (All products available to view on the OXO website)

Disclaimer: We were sent this product in return for an honest review.

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