Simple Pipe Cleaner Fairy Crowns

Today whilst Jensn was at school me and Evie had a total fairy fest! We sat and watched TinkerBell movies whilst making Fairy crowns and wearing Princess dresses...well I made the crowns whilst Evie modeled all of her dresses!

I thought I would do a quick blog post to show you don't have to be the best crafty person in the world to make these all you need to make these ones are 2 long pipe cleaners, 6 smaller pipe cleaners and 3 beads...and that it really takes just a minute to make...unlike, may I add, Mister Makers make it in a minute crafts!!

1st wind your 2 longer pipe cleaners together so that it fits around your fairy princesses head...remember to twit the ends in tight we don't want any cut heads...the ends of ours are really sharp!

Then with your remaining 6 pipe cleaners pair them up and make 3 hearts by twisting one end of each together, then twisting the ends to the headband close together then shape into a heart and push a bead onto the middle part of the heart...Does that make sense? Would you like me to add a quick how to video?

And there you have it an actual real life minute make...BOOOM!!! IN YOUR FACE MISTER MAKER!


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  1. These are so cute, I can't imagine any little girl who wouldn't want to make one!



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