Bobux Xplorer Shoes Review

We love shoes! I am slightly obsessed with shoe's for the girls! So when Bobux got in touch and asked u to roadtest their brand spanking new (not available just yet) Xplorer shoes we jumped at the chance!

You see I struggle to find shoes suitable for little Elsie, she ha been walking since she was 10 months old and her feet are still teeney (she's 14 months old and still wears age 6-9 with size 2 feet, it is impossible to buoutdoor shoes for hr, Clark's refused to sell me any shoes for her because the shoes in her size aren't suitable for her stage and the stage she is at doesnt have her size!) 

So when we heard that Bobux Xplorer's were suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the makers have designed them to be soft and flexible enough for inside and robust enough for outdoors we were very pleased that at last we could have some suitable shoes for her little feet!

What are the Bobux Xplorer and why are they so special?

Bobux specialise in baby, toddler and pre-school shoes designed to mimic the freedom of going barefoot. The Xplorer shoe, designed by footwear designer, Sean Maisano (who has created for the likes of Adidas and Prada!!) is Bobux's revolution in shoe design, and is based on a simple insight: 

''There are no shoes that fully cater to the needs of a child who is learning to walk. Children at this stage are sometimes crawling, sometimes walking, both indoors and out. This developmental phase requires shoes that are soft and flexible enough for crawling and cruising inside but also robust enough for the outside environment. Xplorer meets this challenge while still supporting the natural development of a child’s feet.''

The range will be available in 9 colour options over 3 styles of shoes. Origin (with a leather upper), Freestyle (with a cotton canvas upper) and Arctic (with a leather upper and merino lining) and have an RRP from £27.
The shoes we have reviewed are the Origin style.


Exploring her new shoes!

Comfy (and still on her feet!!!) in the car.

Final Thoughts.

I love these shoes, I didn't think I was going to as they really aren't the kind of thing I usually go for, design wise. But I am so happy we got a chance to try these out and road test them. 

Elsie loved the comfort of them and hasn't once taken them off her feet when they are on! A mear Mummy defeat over the expert hands of a baby shoe-taker-offer!! 

I feel her feet are safe enough to explore outside but they are easy indoor wear aswell. 

Want some for your monster?

If you like the look of the Bobux Xplorer head over to the Bobux website and keep an eye out  for them in the new Spring/Summer 2015 collection. 

Disclaimer: We were sent the Xplorer's  free of charge, all opinions are my own.

The Giggles Family



  1. Love these they are so cute! What a great company, I really like the statement ''There are no shoes that fully cater to the needs of a child who is learning to walk" so true, maybe Clarks need to take a leaf out of their book!w

    Great review!

  2. I love the idea of 'barefoot' shoes - and these are so cute, much cuter than clumpy Clarks shoes (I hate Clarks!) #KidTested

  3. Really helpful review thank you! my boy started walking at 12months and luckily fit into 3.5 F first walkers from Clarks but the range was limited, he is now a 4.5 F and on his second pair and we must say they've been brilliant but it's nice to know there are other options out there especially for early walkers or those with smaller feet :)

  4. They look ever so cute and comfy, and Elsie seems to be delighted by them! Great review.

  5. I cannot get over my love for Bobux shoes, Leah's first ever shoes were Bobux and since moving house I haven't found a stockist again to measure her and fit her properly. Great review #TT_Thursday

  6. These are lovely! I've never heard of the brad before, but shall take a look now :) x

  7. Aww! Syd had a pair of their pre walkers when she was small - we loved them too! #TT_Thursday


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