Babys Big Box Of Little Books By Janet and Allan Ahlberg Review

I have loved Janet and Allan Ahlberg books since I was young, some of my fave books were the Happy Families series and I vividly remember one of my first teacher reading poem from Please Mrs Butler then as a nursery nurse some of my fave stories to read where Each Peach Pear Plum and Peepo. And then as a Mummy and being able to share my favourite books with my own children from The Jolly Postman to Funny Bones (and all other above mentioned books!)...

You get the idea, I have and never will tire of the Ahlberg's books! So when we were given the oppurtunity to review the newest set of books 'Baby's Big Box Of Little Books'  we jumped at the chance, I knew they would be something Elsie (and the others) would enjoy! 

We weren't disappointed as soon as we opened the parcel we were greeted with a bright and welcoming magnetic closing box, which as a Mummy I love that we are able to keep them in all in one place the thing I hate most about the usual little books you buy is that they come in those rubbishy flimsy boxes that just rip when the kids shove the books back in! Argghh, and then the collection slowly gets lost within all the other toys. *sob* 

Opening the box we found 9 mini, thick, books. Perfect for Elsie's little hands (and mouths, I mean they would have to do some chomping to get through these pages!!)  Entitled Mornings, Toy, Baby, Pets, Outside, Inside, Games, Family and Night times your just about covered for all situations!

The press release stated

''Janet Ahlberg's iconic illustrations present a vast array of baby paraphernalia that should be instantly recognizable and absorbing to a young child. The liberal sprinkling of wit and charm will appeal to every adult sharing the little books with a young child.''

And every word is true, the monsters are mesmorised and these books have come out daily since we got them. And I love the way that the illustrations are kind of vintagy (is that a word?) and they don't conform to 'stereotypes' that some other books, and their illustrations show. Some of my fave pics through the book are these two:

Daddy having a cuddle and looking a bit disheveled and knackered in his jammies! And Mummy sat chilling with a book and a cuppa! Just beautiful! 


I also love that the children in the books aren't angels! From the Toys book the munchkin posting blocks in the fish bowl (ha ha ha!) to the devil throwing the ball at the cat...its all true, all real life, you know it! And in the Mornings the baby isn't sat all nicely in his highchair eating his breakfast hes emptying it on his head..BECAUSE THATS WHAT BABY'S DO! Seriously can you tell how much I love the honest reality of these books?!

The books are published by Puffin Books and can be purchased at Waterstones and Amazon. RRP is £9.99 (At Time and date of writing this review the box set was available for £7.99 on both Amazon and Waterstones.)

Disclaimer: We were send these books free of charge in return of an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. These look fab! I love books by the Ahlbergs too and may have to look at getting these for LM. :) xx #kidtested

  2. We have these and Molly loves them. Perfect for nappy changes! Think they are a fab size for little hands

  3. ah, these books look great. The illustrations are so funny, as they usually are in Ahlberg books.

  4. They look gorgeous I'm such a fan of the more traditional books, my mother in law has saved so many from when my husband was small and they're so down go earth and simple my toddler adores them!

  5. thanks for linking up :-) these look fab. Emma is really into little books like this. We are taking them book shopping for easter so might hunt these out x

  6. We have and love this. They are the perfect size for M to carry about with her when she is crawling and I will often find her standing at the sofa with one of these in her hand. #weekendbookclub


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