Quick and Simple Penguin Craft.

This is a really good activity for when the kids are board, playing up and you don't have a mass of time to get something ready!

Simple prep, simple to do...Its a win win all round!

What you need:

Black card
White paper
Orange card/paper
Googly eyes

First cut a large kind of figure 8 type shape from the black card, then from the craps cut out 2 thin semi circles, about the same length as the bottom half of your '8'. Then cut a circle thats smaller in size to the bottom half of your '8' to finish off you will want a small orange triangle for a beak and 2 googly eyes. 

Hint: If your child has the scissor skills they could cut out the shape themselves.

There aren't really any other instructions, its pretty self explanatory, start by gluing your white cirlce to the bottom part of the body, glue the semi circle wings on via the back then add a beak and 2 eyes to complete. 

We used a pritt stick to ensure it was quick drying then they at and played with them 'talking' to each other! 

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