#MumFail. Swiss Rolls.

You know from day one I always promised to share my Mum fails and so here is my latest....the recipe PROMISED  a quick and easy swiss roll! And with just 3 ingredients (not counting the fillning) I have to say it sounded promising!

But alas it wasn't to be after a pretty impressive sponge prep, ERM HELLO 3 MONSTER'S ALL CRACKING EGGS INTO THEIR OWN SEPARATE MIXING BOWLS, AT.THE.SAME.TIME!

Now what the recipe failed to tell me was to a) Score the sponge after taking it out of the oven and b) roll whilst still warm!

So after leaving to cool completely we spread the cream and the jam and rolled, well I say roll...

On Facebook they were compared to bacon rolls (I kinda see where they were coming from!) 

BakedPotato Mummy


  1. Love this! So glad I'm not the only one who can't roll a Swiss roll!

  2. Haha love this! Although despite appearances I bet it still tastes good!

  3. I've tried to do this too, spent ages making a red velvet sponge and a white chocolate cream cheese frosting and it just tore in half!! Still tasted good but looked worse than yours!! #littlechefs

  4. Oops! I've never been brave enough to try Swiss rolls. I'm not very dexterous. I'm sure they tasted fab though!
    Thanks for linking up with #LittleChefs

  5. I fail miserably at Swiss rolls!! Yours look far better than mine! I can see the comparison to bacon rolls. Is it bad that they still look really yummy nonetheless?

  6. Lol, I can't do them either, there must be a knack to it! In fact the only time I ever managed a perfect Swiss roll was in cookery class at school and only coz the teacher did mine as a demo!

  7. Haha, I have never been brave enough to attempt Swiss roll! They still look tasty :)


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