5 Ideas For...Travelling With Kids...And Go Insane!


1) It has to start with the packing you see you should start packing the children's cases maybe a week (or 2) before you leave so that you can make sure they have everything they need (packing for 4 children is NOT easy!) 
You will get so hung up making sure they have cute outfits for every day..and spares..that you kinda forget about yourself, and so the night before you leave you will realise that all of your clothes are still in the wash basket, as they have been since the last break. And you will be spending the holiday in the usual blumming leggings and vest...and probably be hand washing them so you can wear them every day, unless you get the washer on NOW and then whack the heating on to dry everything on the radiators before you leave. GREAT!

2) Forgetting to charge phones/ipads etc Is a sure fire way to make sure the break away starts with a huge argument! You WILL get lost, as always, you wont have bought a map and the battery will be so low on the phone using Google maps that you panic you aren't gonna get there...so you grab phone 2 to find it either a) has no battery or b) has no signal. OH F***ING JOYS!

3) You set off late because despite promising yourself's you will pack the car up the night before, you wont. And so your 8.30 time of departure will become 10.00. If your are lucky!

4) Forget to pack any snacks then blame each other when the kids start moaning, 10 minutes in, that they are hungry! Of Course!

5) Ignore the kid when they tell you they don't need the toilet at the only service station for at least 60 miles on this one occasion they are telling the truth and will most definitely NOT end with them needing a wee and a poo approximately 5 minutes after getting onto the motor way! Hallelujah! 

Ohhh and here's a bonus one, don't say I don't give you more bang for your buck (Is that even a saying!?!?!)

Only pack one of each thing in the 'keep the kids busy bag'. They are sure to all want that pad of paper and 1 pen or toy phone at the same time, so whilst the other half is unloading the car and you are attempting to empty suitcases they can keep themselves busy with a full scale fight between the 2 year old and 3 year old! BONUS!

We are due to go away next week, the journey to the South of Wales is going to take around 5.5 hours IF we are lucky, I'm totally looking forward to it and plan on enjoying it without going insane AND with my new found planning resolution I will not be going insane this holiday, come back on Monday and find my 5 Ideas For...Travelling With Kids (And Not Go Insane!)  


  1. I love this list - so true and really made me smile.. Just planning a trip to New Zealand with 3 under 3 and already starting to panic about the journey! Enjoy your week - looking forward to your tips :)

  2. Ha ha brilliant! Despite all best laid plains this is so often what really happens! Thanks for making me smile this morning x

  3. Heh heh - so familiar, and it makes you go insane even if you do a couple of these, props to you if you managed them all and didn't self combust!!

    Good luck with the road trip and thanks for linking up to #Thelist xxx


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