5 Ideas For...Travelling With Kids!

As you are reading this we will have started our journey to Bluestone for our January Break (erm excited much!) The journey is a long one, approx 5.5 hours, plus add in toilet stops (and the obligatory 'Wilkinson's get lost on the way' that happens EVERY time we go anywhere!) and we are probably looking at a 6-6 and a half hour journey. 

So how am I planning on keeping sane with all the kids asking 'Are we there yet?', feast your eyes on this list of 5 Ideas for keeping travelling kids happy! 

1. IPads/Tablets loaded with apps, movies and cartoons.

Or borrow an In Car DVD player with plenty of DVD's to choose from. 

This Three MiFi gadget is great for WiFi on the go! (ermmm amazing!!)

2.  Travel Creation Station. 

You can make one yourself following this easy peasy tutorial

3. Snack packs.

You don't want to spend all your holiday money on snacks and food along the way. Pack a healthy snack pack that they can pick at all they like and keep the chocolate/junky snacks up front to use as 'be good' bribery when you need! 

4. Travel I Spy Bingo.

I created this I Spy Bingo sticker game (click the image below for a FREE printable!) just using images from Google and popping them together into a collage on PicMonkey. I will print it out and let them go sticker crazy as the boredom kicks in!

Traveling with younger toddlers or babies? Why not try LarabeeUK's I-Spy bottle?

5. String Travel-ometer!

Basically, I have printed and cut out a photo of a car...added a paper loop made on the back.  A piece of string the width of the car (behind mine and Dean's seat) and move the car along every hour or so! I don't make any sense right?  

I saw the idea on a website somewhere and I just can't remember where! Anyway, I think its fab and a lovely little thing to have to stop the inevitable 'are we there yet?' question! 

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  1. I like the I Spy idea! I play I Spy with colours for Potato at the moment, as he's only 2 1/2. A picture version would be ideal too. Will be trying this for our next long journey :)


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