5 Ideas For ...A Girls Night In!

Next stop on my resolution list is to make time for me with regular 'girls night's' and so of course I came up with my top...

1. Wine Tasting. 

Image from communitytable.com

By wine tasting I mean pop to Tesco on your way to the besties house and grab a few of the cheapest bottles you can! En-bloody-joy!

2. Host A Dinner Party.

Image from sharedseat.com

You know I mean order a take away right? A Shared pizza or too much Chinese...What dreams are made off! YUM!

3. Movie Night. 

Popcorn, a tub of Ben and Jerry's (each), a bottle of wine (each) and a good old chic flick! Yes! Girls night at its best!!!

4. Games Night. 

image from nintendo.co.uk

Boys (sorry, MEN) play poker or fifa...girls? We enjoy acting idiots on Just Dance or whats that singing game again? You know the one where you channel your inner Gaga/Miley/Madonna after a few too many fizzy pops!

5. Become You Tube Sensations!*

image from whatsupmoms.com

Get silly and film a hot-right-now You Tube  parody! You never know you might become internet sensations...that or just get a million views from your Mum watching over and over and over again!

*Disclaimer: I wont ever ever be making a you tube parody video...don't fret kids! But I will be enjoying too much wine and eating too much food, oh and I will probably take some god awful pouty face selfies! Good blimmin times!

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  1. Oooh I do love a good girl's night! Wine and high heels are always a must ;-) Thanks for the ideas! X


  2. Hahaha, brilliant! Nothing beats a great girls' night! and yes yes, a YouTube parody, genius!

    Thanks for linking to #AllAboutYou - do hope you can join in again tomorrow!


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