Tantrums...When Will This Ride Stop?

The last few day's have been TOUGH, like really tough. Tantrum fuelled and not the toddler's...

Ellie has decided that she is gonna make every day hell, I'm sure her aim is to see me crumble. And by god she certainly has. I'm a mess...I'm a quivering nervous wreck. Waiting for her next explosive episode...

She seems to just want to fight, just want to argue with EVERYBODY in this house. Here are a few of her fits just from the last few days.

1. Thursday morning the tantrums because her school lunch has been made for her, because it ''wasnt what she wanted'' (even though it would have been exactly what she would have made if she had done it herself.) 


2. Dean worked late on Friday, when he got home he popped to Morrisons for something quick to chuck in the microwave or the oven, or use a kettle (pot noodle, super noodles you know...yes bad Mum, i'll get over it!) so we asked Ellie what she wanted...to avoid a drama like above...did she just answer and tea went without a hitch? Ooohhhhh no! Instead, we were horrible because we ''don't let her have what she wants anyway so what the point?'' and then when we pointed out the obvious that WE ARE ASKING WHAT YOU WANT! We got the answer 'I don't know' (one of her fave sayings). I mean I don't know!? Its a super market what is so flipping difficult they sell everything JUST CHOOSE! 

All this time my stomach is turning, I'm shaking in fear that it is coming, her next explosive is on its way. Some quick thinking is needed...And then, ohh I got it...I suggested she just get dressed and go with Dean and choose something when she get their,  seem the easiest thing to do right?


Cue meltdown number 2 in less than 36 hours.

Saturday lunchtime, now you have all seen my Instagram, I love a PJ day...If we aint going out fine stay in your pj's and oneies all day. BUT Saturday we were going out so we needed to get changed. 

Now, usually if we are going somewhere I will set out an outfit for her as I get the little ones ready but as you have read above after an explosive couple of days I thought it best to just let her wear what she wanted. Seems the easiest thing to do right?  


3. Instead of just getting dressed she threw a whole ''well what should I wear'' tantrum. Which somehow ended up with meltdown number 3 in 48(ish) hours  me in tears and been called the worst mum ever. Because I told her to where anything she wanted...go figure!

4. Monday Afternoon. A tantrum over Christmas Jumper Day, because I keep forgetting to pick her one up when I'm in town. So I promise tomorrow I will get one. Happy Ellie...Happy me, right?


It's 'stupid anyway' and not fair because they still have to wear there normal school clothes, but swap for a christmas jumper instead of their school one. This is apparently all my fault and for the millionth time I become 'worst Mum ever'. Even though everyone else at school will be dressed exactly the same!

5. Tuesday Night. God knows what started it...As far as I recall Jenson's foot touched her (not a kick)...I cant quite remember but again...I was in tears, as well as been the worst Mum in the world. She had the choice of going to her room to chillout or have all her stuff conviscated...Easy choice to make? Going up to her room for 10 minutes would be the easiest thing to do right?


Ellie went with the latter. Then sat crying and screaming at me because I'm such a horrible Mum. And then ended up getting sent to bed at 6.45 because I couldn't deal with it anymore. 

Please tell me that this is going to get better? Please someone give me the answers? Because it would seem no matter what I do I'm wrong. Today is the lat day at school, she is of to her Dads for a week..then she will be back and we will be back in this circle of fight, fight, fight...


  1. Oh dear. I have no idea when this will end, but f it helps we are going through exactly the same thing. Mood swings all over the place and obviously I am the worst mother in the world. :( I hope all this just blows over for both of us xxx

  2. Oh no!!!! I am ashamed to say it but this was me although I was a bit older maybe 12/13, I remember knowing that I was being horrible and not really knowing why, only that I was torn between wanting to be 'grown-up' or playing with my younger brothers and sister - it just all came out and then you're caught up in it so carry it on, because you're not mature enough to admit you're wrong. It was the most awful experience ever (and probably why I didn't want a girl when I was pregnant!). I know it's not what you want to hear but maybe she has little control over it. It sounds to me as though you are doing a great job allowing her choices, hopefully this will reinforce to her that you appreciate she's growing up and trust her to make decisions for herself, and in time she'll feel better. Sorry not very helpful is it??? xxx

  3. I have no advice, but lots of sympathy. I really hope it passes soon and in the meantime, lots of deep breaths....


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