Letterbox Cake from Baker Days Review

Love Christmas? Love Cake? (stupid question...of course you like cake...we all LOVE cake!) Well how about winning a Letterbox Cake from Baker Days?

They arrive in a cute little tin with a cracker and a card...cute little additions, don't you think! (FYI: Jenson was more excited about the cracker than the cake...weirdo!)

We recieved the Snowflake bauble cake, which you can buy here! But there are so many to choose from...I mean over 50 cake designs (just for Christmas), I'm sure everyone will find something they like! (Oh by the way..they have Frozen theme!)

After you have chosen your design, then you choose your size cake and the recipe! And you can even personalise your cake too.

Prices start at £14.99 (for this size letterbox cake)

You can choose plain sponge at no extra cost
Chocolate chip sponge is an extra £1.50
Fruit cake is an extra £2
and you can even have Gluten or Dairy Free for an extra £3.50

I was chuffed to cut into our cake and find that we had been send their Belgian Chocolate Chip Sponge...

It was so so good, really soft and just oh soooo sooo yummy! As you can tell we really enjoyed the cake, and I would definitely consider buying one for a gift in the future. 

Disclaimer: We were send this product to review, all opinions are our own.


  1. I'm being naughty too :) My perfect gift is anything off my Christmas List (yes I have a list) lol x

  2. I'd like the new Harry Potter book collection and failing that some new shoes would be good! X

  3. My perfect Xmas pressie would be a Smeg.kettle

  4. I'm sure everyone will find something they like! (Oh by the way..they have Frozen theme!)letterbox dropping


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