DIY Christmas Crackers.

I've said it a thousand times, (I promise this will be the last time) this year Christmas is on a budget! I have been using my Christmas Pinterest Board to give me some ideas for a home made Christmas.

After we already made our Christmas Crowns in place of paper crowns, we need some Christmas Crackers so I grabbed a few bits from around the house and made these fab homemade crackers...

What You Need:

Toilet Roll Tubes (1 per cracker, plus 2 spare to use as a guide)
Choice of Paper (we used our homemade Christmas Wrapping)
String (or ribbon)
Sticky tape
Treats (we used some treat size chocolate and Haribo packs) 
I also printed some colour by numbers sheets onto A5 sized paper
Printable cracker jokes from The Mother Huddle 
Cracker Snaps (I got 12 for about £1 on ebay)
I used some felt stickers we had left over for decoration.

First up, tape your cracker snap to the inside of your tube (making sure its central-ish!)...

Now lay it in the centre of your paper and slide another tube either end to secure your roll)...

Fasten down the centre and each end with a double sided tape...

Now pull up one tube slighly and make a crease in between the centre tube and the end tube...

Now tie your ribbon or string to pull the paper together and seal the hole, once its sealed you can remove the tube from this end...

Now pop your treats inside and seal up the other end.

Then finish off with one of your  stickers for decorations.

Tahhh Dahhh...Your Done! Ok they aren't 'luxury' and they aren't the best homemade crackers the world has ever seen BUT the kids love them and we put our heart and soul into them.

Just remember...

When working with toddlers...not everything is gonna be perfect, note the different sized ends!


  1. Those look fab, will be sure to bookmark this for next Christmas - I might even use it to make some Easter ones!

  2. This is a great Christmas craft that children will enjoy, and I think you could work it for different holidays too (Valentine's Day, 4th of July, birthdays, Halloween). Definitely going to use this!


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