DIY Christmas Crowns.

I love everything about Christmas....EVERYTHING, from the brussel sprouts to the overflowing wheely bins, from over excited hyper children to rubbish TV BUT the one thing i cant be doing with is the rubbishy hats in the don't get me wrong, I'll entertain them as much as the next person...

But when Ellie asked if we could make some crowns for this year I agreed, and by god I love 'em! (Oh and the best thing? its made from a bog* standard loo roll!)

* no pun intended!!

What You Need:

Toilet roll tubes (each tube gets you 2 crowns)
Paint brushes
Plastic headbands
glue gun (Silverline Hot Melt Mini Glue Gun is less than a fiver on ebay and amazon! Bargain!)

First up you need to mark out your crown (or you could go free hand, but I'm a bit rubbish at that!) :


Find your center then line across the tube, then pencil a line 1cm ABOVE and 1cm BELOW of your center line. Then mark across both lines at 1cm intervals then cut a zig zag using alternate dots as a guide (I hope this makes sense!!!) 

You should now have the base of your 2 crowns. Round them out and paint the outside and inside in your chosen colour. We made lots in glitter green, glitter red, glitter silver and glitter gold (we like glitter paint A LOT!!) 

We used cheap Poundland paint so needed a few coats, if you do this let each coat dry before adding another to stop your crown going floppy! 


When they are dry use your glue gun to attach them to the headbands ( we tried usual glue, glue dots and super glue non worked as well as the glue gun) 

Leave to dry and there you have your own sparkly alternative Christmas hats! 


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