Snowman Night Light FAIL

I love Poundland....I especially love Poundland at Christmas.

I also love fairy lights...Poundland at Christmas, Fairy lights for a quid...a blummin quid! YES PLEASE!!

So after I bought a shit load of fairy lights, Dean asked what the hell are we gonna do with all of them! (our tree is pre-lit, we seriously had no need for all these lights!) So I went on Pinterest and I found these, and lots alike, in their thousands..
Photo from FreeFunChristmas.

And, well, to be honest ours turned out a little bit shit, but hey Im all about celebrating the Mummy Fails so I'm still gonna blog it because the kids love them and as well as making use of the thousands of fairy lights they also make use of the pile of recylables that are piled high for 'junk modeling'

So just incase you look at  this and think ohhh I'll give that a try, heres what you will need:

1. Push the fairy lights into your (clean and dried) jug and secure the battery back in the handle (we used glue dots to secure it)...

2. Glue a pom pom either side...

3. Wrap 2 or 3 pipe cleaners around each other and place over the top, to kind of form a 'headband' like ear muffs...
(oooppssie, look at that mess!!)

4. Cut out an orange triangle for the nose and black circles for the mouth and eyes and stick them on...

And your done! In the light of day they dont look that bad...(ok, ok...humor me here!)

BUT when the lights go out they get a little bit sinister looking!

But you know...the kids love them, so we have had to keep them (unfortunately!)


  1. Becky you are so funny! I think these are great and the important part is the kids had fun. I also love pound land, but I never actually save any money as I end up buying more stuff than I would have otherwise just because its a £1.

    1. Ha ha! Same here, we went in last week for some jam...I spend £25! TWENTY FIVE FLIPPING POUNDS! x (oh and I forgot the jam ffs!)

  2. I actually think they turned out really well!

    I have a linky you could join up to if you are interested though -#playdaymayday at


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