DIY Snowflake Bunting.

I've been looking everywhere for snowflake bunting, but not had much luck, it was either non existent in the shops I went in OR stupidly priced on the internet...

So I decided to make it myself!

What you need:

Printable snowflake templates. I used 10 large (in 3 different designs) and 12 small (in 4 different designs). There are loads online, or see below for a couple of links. Yes its a bit of a cheat but was the best bet to ensure they were similar!
White paint 
Glitter paint
Iron (yes really!)
Tea towel
Glue dots (these are most definitly your best friend for this craft, I got ours in Poundland)

Head over to HERE for large snowflakes and HERE for smaller ones. (Or cut your own if you like!) Print out your selected and follow the fold instructions on the printable's and cut them out. (TIP: print out more than you need in case of snippage issues, or incase during the next few steps they are extremely delicate.

Next iron them flat to get rid of the fold lines. Remember to cover them with a tea towel and not direct onto the paper, we don't want any accidents!

Now mix your white paint with the silver glitter paint and carefully paint each individual snowflake. Leave to dry.

Once dry, decide on your design for your bunting and carefully attach to the string using the glue dots. 

In the center of the bunting hang some of the snowflakes downwards as well as across. 

And that's it your done. Hang on your wall for all to see and the muted glitter will sparkle as the sunlight, tree lights etc hit it. 

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