5 Ideas For...Vegetarian Christmas Dinners.

This weeks ''5 Ideas For'' comes courtesy of my bestest blogging buddy Leandra at Larabee-uk (if you haven't already then please go check her out!!). She has come up with an AMAZING 5 Ideas for veggie Christmas Dinners. And wow she has chosen some beauts, not that I will be giving up my Turkey dinner any time soon, but a couple of these recipes have been pinned for future use! Any way enough from me. Thanks Leandra...

When it comes to Christmas dinner, us veggies really do draw the short straw.  Now for your average Sunday lunch or midweek meal I'll tuck into a nut roast with the rest, but at Christmas I do want something a little different! 

Likewise, when I go out for my team's Christmas lunch, I don't particularly want to be eating risotto or pasta, as much as I do love my Italian food, at Christmas I really want something which is going to go with a plate loaded with veg, when else would you be dished up sprouts with lasagne?  Come on restaurants, surely you can do better than that?

Most of the time, when I cook a roast dinner at home I serve so many vegetables I don't usually bother to cook a specific main meal for myself, I generally just load my plate with veg!  

I'm cooking dinner this Christmas and so I have carte blanche on the menu, I've been scouring Pinterest for suitable veggie options I could try on Christmas day and have come up with my 5 favourites below.
If you are hosting a veggie guest this Christmas dinner, please do spare a thought for them, whilst I'm sure a number of the big supermarkets make a mean nut roast, could you possibly make something a bit more different?  Who knows you might enjoy it yourself, when entertaining we generally find that our veggie options always go down very well despite me being the only veggie in the house!


Mushroom Fricasse. Recipe From Better Homes and Gardens.

Melty mushroom wellington. Recipe from BBC Good Food.

Vegan shepherds pie. Recipe from Minimalist Baker.

Roasted garlic spaghetti squash lasagne boats. Recipe from Half Baked Harvest.
(I would make this with veggie mince)

You can follow my veggie meals pin board HERE!!!


  1. These all look AMAZING. I am a recent convert to Vegetarianism and I'm quite proud of myself for sticking to it. I will just be having a ton of veggies and potatoes and stuffing for Christmas (as I'm not cooking for myself and wouldn't expect anyone to cook something just for me) but I will definitely be making some of these in the future!

  2. Ahhh! This takes me back - my mum was a veggie most of my childhood and there was many a nut roast on offer (plus the usual stuffed bird thankfully!) - I think the Mushroom Fricasse looks amazing, might give that a go in the NY!

    Thanks for linking to #TheList and for taking part all year! One of the original Mums' Listers xxxxx Happy New Year love xxx


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