5 Ideas For...A Christmas Eve Box

We have had Christmas Eve boxes for the last few years now, delivered by a little Elf as a Thank You for being so good (or a reminder that Christmas is getting ever closer and to try and be good so Santa can move you over to the good list!!!)

I know some people go nuts and pop s**t loads in,we try and keep ours simple, they get spoilt enough on Christmas Day! So here are our 5 Ideas to pop inside your Christmas Eve box.

1. Activity books and some new crayons/pens.

When you are under 10 years old Christmas Eve is a long long LONG day, it seems never ending from the minute you wake up! An actvity book will keep them busy at bored times an at times when you just need a few minutes to get something done. You can fin these everywhere, from Poundland, Home Bargains (they have some 69p ones) to more expensive ones. We like this one from Tesco's for just £2.

Tesco Go Create Christmas Activity Book £2

2. A baking activity.

We usually cheat and have a boxed biscuit/cake mix, mainly because Christmas Eve is such a busy day in this house that I don't have the time to weigh all the ingredients out etc etc. Again you can usually find these everywhere, supermarkets, poundshops etc.

Morrisons Make Your Own Gingerbread house £4.99

3. A Christmas DVD.

For that special family time before bed which leads me on to....

4. Christmas mugs/beakers/sippy cups etc.

Obvioulsy no Christmas movie would be complete without  a hot chocolate and what better than a new Christmassy mug to drink it from!

Asda £1.50

Tesco Christmas Santa Chilli 3D Mug
Tesco £4

5. Christmassy eat treats!

Chocolate coins? Gingerbread men? Christmassy chocolates? I'm sure you will find something to take your fancy!

Do you have a Christmas Eve box? Do you put anything different inside?


  1. I'd never heard of this until this year and my sister is making one for her children and also for my stepdaughter. I am mightily jealous I'm not getting one too! She's also including fesitve pyjamas. I don't think I'll get in aged 7 jammies!

  2. I put pjs, book/DVD, colouring book, bubble bath, chocolate, a new bauble each and then one will get the magic Santa key, one will get the reindeer food and this year Ella will get the plate and eons to decorate before we leave it out with santas and rudolphs treats on.

    1. We have just been shopping for our new baubles (Did you see my IG pictures?) A book is a good idea, I may add that this year! We don't have Ellie this year, its her Daddy's turn this year x

    2. Oh yes I did see ur new tree decorations! Ella's never gone to her dads for Christmas - I bet that's awful, it was hard enough me letting her go for halloween lol. Oh yeah I forgot they also get a new pair of Christmassy socks in their Christmas Eve box! Xx

    3. We have always took turns, we split when she was 5 months old so its all she has ever known and it does get easier as the time has gone on x Ohh yea socks! (Stop adding stuff to my list Lisa!!!) X

  3. We do this...new PJs, Christmas Movie, and Popcorn and Sweets! Firm favourite in our house x

    1. I want to make mince pie popcorn this year, I saw it on Kirstie Alsopp last year, it looked DELISH!

  4. OK I'm tots bah humbug on this Christmas Box thing - EVERYONE is talking about them and I kinda don't get it. It's hard enough trying to think of stuff for a stocking and full pressies for Christmas. HOWEVER, I think you've won me over Becky. I don't think Reuben will be bothered as he's still not sure what's going on but Gabriella would love this. And it's also a way that we can do something special with her because we won't see her again until Boxing Day. So, perhaps I will be getting on board after all - but I'd definitely be keeping it simple like this :)

    Thanks for linking up to #theList xxx

    1. Yes, it will be lovely to have something special you can do with her and something she will remember. And yes definitely keep it simple, its expensive enough right! X

  5. What a great idea! I'll definitely be doing this in my house now - love it!


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