DIY Christmas Crackers.

I've said it a thousand times, (I promise this will be the last time) this year Christmas is on a budget! I have been using my Christmas Pinterest Board to give me some ideas for a home made Christmas.

Blog Stars Little Stars with Mummy M's Memories

Welcome back to Blog Stars Little Stars, the guest post series where some of my favourite bloggers interview their little stars and we find out what the kids really think! This week Stacey handed over to 5 year old Jessica. Stacey blogs over at Mummy M's Memories and can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Tantrums...When Will This Ride Stop?

The last few day's have been TOUGH, like really tough. Tantrum fuelled and not the toddler's...

Ellie has decided that she is gonna make every day hell, I'm sure her aim is to see me crumble. And by god she certainly has. I'm a mess...I'm a quivering nervous wreck. Waiting for her next explosive episode...

She seems to just want to fight, just want to argue with EVERYBODY in this house. Here are a few of her fits just from the last few days.

1. Thursday morning the tantrums because her school lunch has been made for her, because it ''wasnt what she wanted'' (even though it would have been exactly what she would have made if she had done it herself.) 


2. Dean worked late on Friday, when he got home he popped to Morrisons for something quick to chuck in the microwave or the oven, or use a kettle (pot noodle, super noodles you know...yes bad Mum, i'll get over it!) so we asked Ellie what she avoid a drama like above...did she just answer and tea went without a hitch? Ooohhhhh no! Instead, we were horrible because we ''don't let her have what she wants anyway so what the point?'' and then when we pointed out the obvious that WE ARE ASKING WHAT YOU WANT! We got the answer 'I don't know' (one of her fave sayings). I mean I don't know!? Its a super market what is so flipping difficult they sell everything JUST CHOOSE! 

All this time my stomach is turning, I'm shaking in fear that it is coming, her next explosive is on its way. Some quick thinking is needed...And then, ohh I got it...I suggested she just get dressed and go with Dean and choose something when she get their,  seem the easiest thing to do right?


Cue meltdown number 2 in less than 36 hours.

Saturday lunchtime, now you have all seen my Instagram, I love a PJ day...If we aint going out fine stay in your pj's and oneies all day. BUT Saturday we were going out so we needed to get changed. 

Now, usually if we are going somewhere I will set out an outfit for her as I get the little ones ready but as you have read above after an explosive couple of days I thought it best to just let her wear what she wanted. Seems the easiest thing to do right?  


3. Instead of just getting dressed she threw a whole ''well what should I wear'' tantrum. Which somehow ended up with meltdown number 3 in 48(ish) hours  me in tears and been called the worst mum ever. Because I told her to where anything she wanted...go figure!

4. Monday Afternoon. A tantrum over Christmas Jumper Day, because I keep forgetting to pick her one up when I'm in town. So I promise tomorrow I will get one. Happy Ellie...Happy me, right?


It's 'stupid anyway' and not fair because they still have to wear there normal school clothes, but swap for a christmas jumper instead of their school one. This is apparently all my fault and for the millionth time I become 'worst Mum ever'. Even though everyone else at school will be dressed exactly the same!

5. Tuesday Night. God knows what started it...As far as I recall Jenson's foot touched her (not a kick)...I cant quite remember but again...I was in tears, as well as been the worst Mum in the world. She had the choice of going to her room to chillout or have all her stuff conviscated...Easy choice to make? Going up to her room for 10 minutes would be the easiest thing to do right?


Ellie went with the latter. Then sat crying and screaming at me because I'm such a horrible Mum. And then ended up getting sent to bed at 6.45 because I couldn't deal with it anymore. 

Please tell me that this is going to get better? Please someone give me the answers? Because it would seem no matter what I do I'm wrong. Today is the lat day at school, she is of to her Dads for a week..then she will be back and we will be back in this circle of fight, fight, fight...

Santa's Video Message via The Portable North Pole Review.

Guess what? Jenson got a video from Santa today..

Watching his face was just so so magical! Especially when he got told he had made it to the good list! Just watch his face!!!

And so did Jenson make it onto the Nice list? 

I just cant stop watching this video, it has made my year. 

The sheer joy on his face.

The gobsmacked look that Santa is talking to him.

The fist pump that he got on the nice list! 

Oh I just love it all...and I may even be sat here sobbing!

What is PNP Santa? 

Portable North Pole is a magical console used by Santa and his elves to send personalised video messages to the folks you care most about. In just a few simple clicks, you can provide Santa with all the information he needs to create a unique, tailor-made video message just for your beauts! And the best thing? The classic video message (with lots of personalisation options) is FREE!

Or you can upgrade to one of the Premium version's, £2.99-£7.49, which is what we have used here, the video is longer and features even more special scenes and more features, like the chance to add more of your favorite photos to make the experience even more memorable.You can also create personalised phone calls too.

We used the Unlimited Holiday Pass (£7.49 at time of writing this post, 2014), which gives you:
  • Unlimited access during the Holiday season
  • Up to 22 call scenarios
  • Exclusive footage from Santa's Village
  • Unlimited desktop or mobile video playback
  • Video sync with mobile device via the FREE app included
  • Videos expire 06/30/2015
And as you can see the kids LOVE it, Jenson has absolubtly adored his video...I wonder when Santa will call him!! And then theres the Christmas Eve message we are expecting! And of course Santa's videos for the girls too....

Do you fancy getting a video from Santa? Guess what? I have 20% discount for my reader's below, which means you can get the unlimited package for just £5.99, well that's if I have done my maths right!

So what are you waiting for...surprise someone special with a hello from Santa today!

Get Your Santa Videos From Portable North Pole Here!

Use PROMO CODE BLG20BKP to receive a 20% discount off all digital products (excluding in-app purchases) Valid for the 2014 holiday season.

Also can I just add that Santa (PNP) distributes 5% of all online store sales among 40-plus Children’s Hospitals around the world.

Disclaimer: We were offered the Unlimited Holiday Pass of Portable North Pole for free, but all opinions are our own.

5 Ideas For...Vegetarian Christmas Dinners.

This weeks ''5 Ideas For'' comes courtesy of my bestest blogging buddy Leandra at Larabee-uk (if you haven't already then please go check her out!!). She has come up with an AMAZING 5 Ideas for veggie Christmas Dinners. And wow she has chosen some beauts, not that I will be giving up my Turkey dinner any time soon, but a couple of these recipes have been pinned for future use! Any way enough from me. Thanks Leandra...

When it comes to Christmas dinner, us veggies really do draw the short straw.  Now for your average Sunday lunch or midweek meal I'll tuck into a nut roast with the rest, but at Christmas I do want something a little different! 

Likewise, when I go out for my team's Christmas lunch, I don't particularly want to be eating risotto or pasta, as much as I do love my Italian food, at Christmas I really want something which is going to go with a plate loaded with veg, when else would you be dished up sprouts with lasagne?  Come on restaurants, surely you can do better than that?

Most of the time, when I cook a roast dinner at home I serve so many vegetables I don't usually bother to cook a specific main meal for myself, I generally just load my plate with veg!  

I'm cooking dinner this Christmas and so I have carte blanche on the menu, I've been scouring Pinterest for suitable veggie options I could try on Christmas day and have come up with my 5 favourites below.
If you are hosting a veggie guest this Christmas dinner, please do spare a thought for them, whilst I'm sure a number of the big supermarkets make a mean nut roast, could you possibly make something a bit more different?  Who knows you might enjoy it yourself, when entertaining we generally find that our veggie options always go down very well despite me being the only veggie in the house!


Mushroom Fricasse. Recipe From Better Homes and Gardens.

Melty mushroom wellington. Recipe from BBC Good Food.

Vegan shepherds pie. Recipe from Minimalist Baker.

Roasted garlic spaghetti squash lasagne boats. Recipe from Half Baked Harvest.
(I would make this with veggie mince)

You can follow my veggie meals pin board HERE!!!

DIY Snowflake Bunting.

I've been looking everywhere for snowflake bunting, but not had much luck, it was either non existent in the shops I went in OR stupidly priced on the internet...

Blog Stars Little Stars with Twinderelmo

Welcome back to Blog Stars Little Stars, the guest post series where some of my favourite bloggers interview their little stars and we find out what the kids really think! This weeks Blog Stars Little Stars comes from Charlie, 6 who's Mum Beth blogs over at Twinderelmo. You can follow Beth on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

5 Ideas for...Leftover Turkey.

Every year I say I wont, but I do.  I buy a turkey that is big enough to feed the whole of England, and every year I say I am going to make some delicious recipes with all the leftover's...I never do it just gets thrown in the bin. So I asked my Instagram followers what they all do with their leftover turkey at Christmas. And so this little list was born, 5 ideas for your leftover Christmas turkey!

DIY Christmas Crowns.

I love everything about Christmas....EVERYTHING, from the brussel sprouts to the overflowing wheely bins, from over excited hyper children to rubbish TV BUT the one thing i cant be doing with is the rubbishy hats in the don't get me wrong, I'll entertain them as much as the next person...

But when Ellie asked if we could make some crowns for this year I agreed, and by god I love 'em! (Oh and the best thing? its made from a bog* standard loo roll!)

* no pun intended!!

What You Need:

Toilet roll tubes (each tube gets you 2 crowns)
Paint brushes
Plastic headbands
glue gun (Silverline Hot Melt Mini Glue Gun is less than a fiver on ebay and amazon! Bargain!)

First up you need to mark out your crown (or you could go free hand, but I'm a bit rubbish at that!) :


Find your center then line across the tube, then pencil a line 1cm ABOVE and 1cm BELOW of your center line. Then mark across both lines at 1cm intervals then cut a zig zag using alternate dots as a guide (I hope this makes sense!!!) 

You should now have the base of your 2 crowns. Round them out and paint the outside and inside in your chosen colour. We made lots in glitter green, glitter red, glitter silver and glitter gold (we like glitter paint A LOT!!) 

We used cheap Poundland paint so needed a few coats, if you do this let each coat dry before adding another to stop your crown going floppy! 


When they are dry use your glue gun to attach them to the headbands ( we tried usual glue, glue dots and super glue non worked as well as the glue gun) 

Leave to dry and there you have your own sparkly alternative Christmas hats! 

#ToddlerApprovedTuesday. Week 10.

Hi Guys! So me and Leandra are doing something a little bit different this week! As it is Christmas we thought we would leave the link up open until the 1st it a Toddler Approved Christmas Spectacular if you like, link as many posts as you like, Christmas themed or not so long as your little ones love it we want to see it!

My favourites from last week came from Tantrums and Tailoring and Becoming a Stay At Home Mum.

Photo Courtesy of Tantrums and Tailoring.
This Bright Starts Hide n Spin Monkey would be a perfect gift for Elsie!

Photo Courtesy of Becoming A Stay At Home Mum.
I loved Caroline and Monkeys homemade decorations....shame I have a huge fear of cotton wool and I wont be making them anytime soon, but they still look ace!

Now on with the show!

We would absolutely love it if you would join us, linking will open every Tuesday through to Thursdays and give us a good few days to see what your little ones have approved! We will share your posts on Twitter (make sure you follow me (@3princess_1dude and Leandra @larabeeuk) and every week we will each pick our fave two for a #ToddlerAprrovedTuesday Showcase!


1. Link as many posts as you like! Remember to paste the #ToddlerApprovedTuesday badge on each post you would like to link up (code below – paste it into the HTML option of your blogging platform).

2. Pop by and comment on a couple of other's link up's...Its nice to share the love!

3. OPTIONAL: Share your post and the linky party (using the hashtag #ToddlerApprovedTuesday) on your social media, Leandra and I will retweet all your posts via Twitter (make sure you mention us in your tweets @3princess_1dude/@larabeeuk) and also share on our #ToddlerApprovedTuesday Pinterest board.


Any way enough of my gabber....remember link as many posts as you like, I have a few to add as the weeks go on so be sure to come back and check them out. But for now check out the In-Linkz tool below for this Playdough Christmas Tree post.


Playdough Christmas Trees.

Firstly I apologise that I, kind of didn't make the playdough (actually I'm not sorry, I get too stressed out to make the damn stuff!) 

We used some green playdough and I gave them some Christmas tree cookie cutters, and I offered them a variety of bits and bobs like beads, pom poms,buttons, sequins etc to decorate their playdough trees with. 

(yes...Evie is in her jammies!!)


El and Baby A

5 Ideas For...A Christmas Eve Box

We have had Christmas Eve boxes for the last few years now, delivered by a little Elf as a Thank You for being so good (or a reminder that Christmas is getting ever closer and to try and be good so Santa can move you over to the good list!!!)

I know some people go nuts and pop s**t loads in,we try and keep ours simple, they get spoilt enough on Christmas Day! So here are our 5 Ideas to pop inside your Christmas Eve box.

1. Activity books and some new crayons/pens.

When you are under 10 years old Christmas Eve is a long long LONG day, it seems never ending from the minute you wake up! An actvity book will keep them busy at bored times an at times when you just need a few minutes to get something done. You can fin these everywhere, from Poundland, Home Bargains (they have some 69p ones) to more expensive ones. We like this one from Tesco's for just £2.

Tesco Go Create Christmas Activity Book £2

2. A baking activity.

We usually cheat and have a boxed biscuit/cake mix, mainly because Christmas Eve is such a busy day in this house that I don't have the time to weigh all the ingredients out etc etc. Again you can usually find these everywhere, supermarkets, poundshops etc.

Morrisons Make Your Own Gingerbread house £4.99

3. A Christmas DVD.

For that special family time before bed which leads me on to....

4. Christmas mugs/beakers/sippy cups etc.

Obvioulsy no Christmas movie would be complete without  a hot chocolate and what better than a new Christmassy mug to drink it from!

Asda £1.50

Tesco Christmas Santa Chilli 3D Mug
Tesco £4

5. Christmassy eat treats!

Chocolate coins? Gingerbread men? Christmassy chocolates? I'm sure you will find something to take your fancy!

Do you have a Christmas Eve box? Do you put anything different inside?