Toilet Roll Chocolate Boxes

Can you believe its almost Christmas! Just 5 more weekends to get crafty for my most fave time of year! So every Thursday between now and then I will be posting a simple craft you can do with the help of your toddlers and older children over the weekend. Oh and I promise the majority of the items in the 'what you need' you will either already have at home OR are readily available for those on a budget...the majority of our stuff is bought in Poundland or Home Bargains!

What you need: 

Toilet Paper Rolls
Paint and brushes (we used red and a glittery green as I thought these were the most festive) 
Box of chocolates 
Small Stampers
2 colour ink stamps 
Masking tape
Large stickers  
Tissue paper

First paint your rolls and leave to dry....

Whilst waiting for the paint to dry you can continue with the next part of wrapping your chocolates...we secured our tissue with a bit of sticky tape to stop it unravelling) 

Once the paint is dry push one sides ends inwards to close it up...

Pop your chocolate package inside the tube...

And close up the opening in the same way...

Now grab your masking tape unroll sections onto your workspace (ensure you can unstick it!) and decorate with your stamps...

Wrap it around the centre of your package...

Then use one of your large stickers to decorate the top....

I love these I think they are perfect budget busting gift for teachers, brownie leaders, childminders etc for just the cost of a box of chocolates and some stickers and stamps (which we personally would have bought anyway!) as all the other bits we had in anyway. 


  1. These are fab! Fun for the kids and wouldn't be too stressful. Lovely x

  2. These look so cute! Birthday themed ones for party bags would be awesome too x

  3. These are so cute, I will have to try this! x


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