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Welcome back to Blog Stars Little Stars, the guest post series where some of my favourite bloggers interview their little stars and we find out what the kids really think! This week Carla from Random Thoughts Of A Twenty Something, you can follow Carla over on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

I'm Carla a young-ish parent to two cheeky little randomers, Elliot, 6 and Nevaeh, 5.
Over at my blog you can expect to see posts ranging from the normal to the bizarre, from talking about current affairs to parenting woes, my current achievements to my latest pitfall. Above all else if you want a realistic clue on what to look out for on this blog of mine then this is it: expect the unexpected because I can almost guarantee it will nothing but random thoughts! And now over to Elliot and Nevaeh...

1. What is something Mummy always says to you?
E: No! 
N: You say silly words like blah blah blaaah!

2. What makes Mummy happy?
E: When we do as we're told.
N: My funny jokes like Why did the elephant eat a banana? He doesn't have a trunk he has normal hands!

3. What makes Mummy sad?
E: When I muck about.
N: When I run off because I might get lost

4. How does your Mummy make you laugh?
E: ( starts laughing )
N: By tickling us.

5. How old is your Mummy?
E: 22!
N: 17.. no 30!
( I've just turned 23! )

6. How tall is your Mummy?
E: Shall we measure you? I think 26KM.
N: Up to the fridge tallish.

7. What is Mummy's favorite thing to do?
E: Sleep.
N: Going to Hollys house? (Our friends daughter)

8. What does your Mum do when you?re not with her?
E: Sleep & eat, sleep & eat...
N: You go to your friends house sometimes don't you Mumma?

9. What is your Mummy really good at?
E & N: Hairdressing and looking after Michael-Angelo (our tortoise)

10. What is your Mummy a bit rubbish at?
E: Not tidying your bedroom up; your rooms always messy...
N: Yeah you are always leaving stuff on the floor!

11. What does your Mummy do for her job?
E: Going to do your Hairdressing at college and you did work at that BM shop
N: Hairdressing
(I did some work experience at a local B&M store)

12. What is your Mummy's favorite food?
E: Lasagne
N: I don't like lasagne really

13. If your Mummy was on the TV what would she be on?

E: Oh I know you would be on Channel 5 doing baking!
N: Oh no Elliot she would be on Garfield

14.What do you and your Mummy do together?
N: Go to the park
E: Sometimes we sit all at the table and eat together don't we.
(My college timetable & days where they're at their dads limit our meal times together :( )

15. How do you know your Mummy loves you?
E: Because we're cute...
N: I just know it!
(Followed by kisses and cuddles)

16. What does Mummy like to wear?

E & N: Your batman top oooh and your doctor who jumper.

17. What does Mummy watch on TV?

E: Channel 5 no Channel 4!
N: Those programmes with singing on and the funny people.
( Musicals )

18. What does Mummy drink?
E & N unanimously: Coffee!!!!!!

19. What did Mummy do before I had babies?
N: You lived with Nana didn't you?
E: Well you went to the doctors a lot then you had me!

20. Where is Mummy's favourite place?
N: I don't know, is it here?
E: Home! (...there's no place like home!)

Thanks guys, some fab answers...the kids seem obsessed with Channel 5 ha ha! 

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