Arrrgghhh!! Stop Saying That!

I dont know about you but I hate 'Mum/Parenting Quotes', I recently asked my Facebook likers and Instagram followers for their input so here they are (in no particular order!) the top 'Oh shut up' quotes/sayings...


Your body is not ruined, your a tiger who earned her stripes.

Nope...I'm a Mum, I had a baby! I don't have to feel great about my body actually and this really makes me feel guilty for hating my stretch marks. One reader said ''Erm...can I not be allowed to feel how I want about my body without people telling me what I should be proud of?!''


Breast Is Best!

This seemed to be a BIG bug bear to many readers. ''as a mama that tried very hard to feed and couldn't it sure does make you feel like sh*t'', ''I hate breast is best, I was as dry as a bone after having ****, didn't produce an ounce of milk so it gets to me'' I think we can all agree this advertising tool as much as it is may be truthful for those who can, we must remember that not everyone can its hurtful to the Mumma's who have tried and been unable to. There are enough pressures in motherhood without adding to it!


Its the most natural thing in the world...

''What everything? from breastfeeding to baby wearing make up your mind baby quoters WHICH ONE is the most natural!'' 


Don't worry Dad, Mum will do it.

''Any quote or advertising slogan that says mums are the only ones good at parenting, we all struggle through as best we can surely?'' Thanks to the 1 lovely Daddy who commented! Yep we sure do!


share this if you love your son/daughter

''Almost as though you need to do this...because if you don't you clearly hate your kids!''  Who makes these things up anyway? They belong in the bin with all other 'share this and...' Facebook quotes I say!


Yummy Mummy!

Oh dear this sure upsets some of you Mummys! ''I dont have a tiny figure or designer clothes, dont have makeup on my face'' said one reader. ''I do the school run without having brushed my hair!!! am I any less beautiful to my children?'' Nope it sure as heck doesnt, and the hubs he will always think you look fab!


'Facebook' Works at:  full time mummy 

''Its not a job its a privilege!'' ,''dont moan about it some working Mums would love to stay at home!'' OOOhhhh this one was one that I got a LOT of emails and messages about!

Are there any I have missed out? What sayings do you hate?


  1. They all annoy me so much! Especially the "share this if you love your son/daughter" Grrr!!

  2. Very true, especially the tiger that earned her stripes one. No. I'm a woman. They're stretch marks. It's fine thanks. Lol.

  3. I'm not a Mom, but I can relate to finding #2 offensive. I am all for women's right to breastfeed (including in public), but it's not because breastfeeding is somehow "better", but because women should have the right to do this. I know some women, including my mother, can't/coudn't breastfeed, and they don't need to be sent the message as though they're somehow neglecting their children.

    As for "it's the most natural...", I hate this one when applied to having children or anything related to it. As soemone who is childless not by choice, I don't want to be made to feel like shit because I won't have kids. That being said, I hate similar claims by childfree people (claiming that having kids is bad for the planet, etc.). Being a Mom is a privilege indeed. There are many who like myself can't become mothers.

  4. Love it Becky, what a great idea to gather these fab annoyances!! I can't think of any more, I think you've covered it ;) Thanks for linking in to #TheList xxx


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