An Evening Out!

So as I start typing this me and Ellie are on the train travelling 27 or so miles to go see the newest one direction film. 

What we wore. 

Ellie has worn her bargain £1 skirt it looks so cute on her! Teamed with her 1D tshirt, black tights, red denim jacket and hightops. She looks totally on-trend and like she "didn't make an effort" She's also got a slick of mascara on (ermmmm when did she learn to apply mascara!!) and her hair pulled back in a pony. Ohh and she has bought along a cute owl bag (for her phone...that's it!) 

I'm wearing black leggings and my new floral top my trusty Ugg boots and my new fave cardi!  My hair is a mess and I don't have any makeup on!!! 

The Mood!

As you can imagine Ellie is totes over the moon that she gets to see the film before the DVD, she hasn't stopped smiling and telling any one who looks at her where we are going (seriously you would think that we were going to meet them. In like real life person!) 

Me I am happy to get out the house after a sh**ty week. 

What We Ate.

Hotdogs (not slimming world)
Strawberry Shortcakes (not slimming world) 
Cinema Crax (not slimming world)
Nachos (not slimming world)

The Film.

Wow! I am now a One Direction convert! When they tour I will be there (with Tanya in our 1D tee's!) screaming and dancing along! 

It wasn't what I was expecting, I was expecting a follow us on our tour type film, but what we got was their full live show at San Siro stadium in Milan. And wow they put on a show! 

I was a little disapointed by the atmosphere in the cinema, you read all these storys about nuts 1D fans and well to be honest there was no atmosphere at all! Until the last 15min or so when a group at the back of the cinema started clapping and singing along, which Ellie (and I) joined in with much to the disgust of the boring a**holes in front of us! #BORES!

The most disappointing thing of all? The film was due to finish at 9.00 BUT started 10 minutes late which meant as we were already pushing it for time to catch our train home (9.17) we had to miss the final song (Best Song Ever) and as I sat telling Ellie 1 more minute for 5 minutes we had to run all the way back to the station (10 minutes away!) to find...the train was delayed and so we could have stayed and walked but hey we weren't to know!

Final Thoughts.

So it was an expensive cinema trip as we had to travel so far and then for some reason the cinema had doubled their usual prices:

Add on top of this the cinema prices of food. It was by far cheap. But we had fun Ellie was smiling and as we watched the film she squeezed my arm in a thank you for been the best Mum ever kinda way! That along with the excitement in her eyes and her gorgeous happy smile...that, well that is priceless!


  1. #mumwin what a lovely thing to do and the fact that you enjoyed it too is even better.

    Love Ellie's outfit too x

    1. We had a great time, who knew i would find myself a 1D fan! ha ha ha

  2. Awwww sounds like you made her day. Glad you both had a lovely time xx

  3. Sounds like you had a great time....Such a shame about missing the end though!
    Ellie looks so cool....My eldest has that t-shirt too....hehehe x

  4. Sounds like you had a fab time! Such a shame you had to miss the ending :-(
    I recently took my teens, my 11 year old and their friends to the cinema to watch a 12a film. I wasn't even allowed to sit near them!

  5. Sounds like a lovely night out with your girl!


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