Toilet Roll Fish Puppets.

If your like me you will have a million and one toilet roll tubes just sat waiting for something to be done with them! Here's a super quick craft all ages can get involved with and it gets rid of those pesky tubes too.

(PS this craft wont make those toilet rolls spontaneously combust it just turns them into something else but well you know!)

What you need: 

Toilet Roll Tubes (1 for each fish)
Tissue Paper
(any thing else you can think of to decorate!)

First up you need to make your fish....

Once you have made your fish its time to decorate...

Cutting and sticking.

Felt Pens (how cute is the little smiley face that Jenson did!!!)

Shiny sequins!

The finished product:

The monsters loved the Under The Sea Theme, and I must apologise that I haven't blogged more of our activities. But be sure to head over to Leandra's blog (Larabee) and check out our Rainbow Fish Craft.



  1. Thanks so much for writing the guest post for us. We love the CD fishes and can't wait to make them and watch The Rainbow Fish story you have recommended. xxx

  2. These are lovely and I can't wait to make them at some point with Sprog. Thanks ever so much for linking up to #Imaginationmatters. It'd be lovely if you have something to link up about "summer" for next week's theme

  3. Back again! Gotta love a TP roll craft! Fab idea #imaginationmatters

  4. Great idea...we have so many tubes... eek!! :D #ImaginationMatters

  5. Such a great idea! I love all the different decorations on them, they look great. I'm so going to try this with my eldest, she will love it! x

  6. Aww these are dead cute! We will have to try these sometime this week. :) Ray xx #imaginationmatters


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