Fruit and Nut Cereal Snack Bars.

Thanks (again) to Debs at Super Busy Mum for the inspiration for another Toddler Approved Snack! Find Debs Peanut Butter and Chocolate version HERE!

What you need:
240g syrup
100g sugar
150g cereal (I used a mix of Rice Krispies (1/4) and Granola mix (3/4 )
around 175g of chopped nuts and dried fruit. (you may want to add more you may want less, I suppose its taste!)

Combine the sugar and syrup over a medium heat until the sugar has dissolved.
Take off the heat and IMMEDIETLY stir in your cereals then add your fruit and nut, stir well.
Grease your baking tray with cooking spray and spread the mixture over the bottom.
Top with chocolate buttons (you can leave this out!) and refrigerate for around an hour. 
Remove from tray and cut into rectangles.


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  1. This looks fab! Just want to ask what type of syrup to use?! Could be a stupid question but I am in Australia! I will make these for my Missy.

    1. It was golden syrup, unsure if this is what it is called in Australia though...let me know!

  2. Ooh these look yummy! I bet Monkey would love them! Xx

  3. Perfect. I've been meaning to get round to make some snack bars for ages so no I have no excuse #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  4. Going to make these this weekend, not just for T but for the old man too! :) great recipe. xx

  5. Ooh these look very yummy! x #ToddlerApprovedTuesday


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