Sandpaper Tshirt Prints

Another quick craft with Ellie, she really enjoyed doing this! A must for any Tween!!!

Over to you Ellie...

Firstly did you catch our earlier post Sandpaper and Wax Crayon Art? This is a follow up to that, mainly suitable for tweens but I suppose a sensible (if there is such thing!) could help the grown up out.

In case you didn't catch me you will need:

*Wax Crayons
*San Paper
*Plain White T Shirt
*A piece of Cardboard
*Kitchen Roll
*An Iron (and either a towel on your work surface or you could get the ironing board out!)

Remember your image needs to be drawn backwards!!


  1. That's so effective! Great work Ellie xxx

  2. This looks like something my girls would love to do. Great job Ellie!

  3. That looks fantastic! What a great idea! Well done Ellie x

  4. What a great idea! So easy, yet effective! Lovely presenting there Ellie :) x

  5. Fab idea and great work, love it!
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids


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