Oh No!! Kids Say The Funniest Things!

Another embarrassing (for me) Jensey quote!!

My Nan and Mum had come round and we were all sat enjoying a cuppa and as usual the TV on in the background, the adverts come on we werent really watching until Jenson, in an excited puppy kinda fashion starts with Mummy...Mummy..big smile on his face...pointing at the TV...

''Mummy...Mummy..Nat is for dyawea (diarrhea to me and you) you need nat!!''

and then just incase they didnt fully understand

''you got dyawea Mummy!!''

He exclaimed proud as punch! So helpful! Thanks!

Except I hadn't had or got diarrhea! Just a red face of embarrassment! But I don't think you can buy anything for that!!

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  1. Like the spot on my nose, be glad it didn't happen in the middle of kids world haha x


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