5 Ideas For...Celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Arrggh Me Hearties! So I just found out the 19th September is Talk Like A Pirate Day! So here is your guide to all things erm piratey!!

1. First up...you gotta speak the lingo!

You should just about be covered with this list

Hello:  Ahoy me Mateys!
Listen:     Avast!
OK:    Aye Aye, Cap'n!
Oh My God!: Shiver Me Timbers!
That's Mine: That Be Mine!
I/My:  me!
Money: Booty!
Wine: Grog!
Friends: Hearties/Mateys!

Remember to speak with enthusiasm and a gruft vice at all times!

2. What To Wear:

A Pirates hat (of course!!!)
1 large hoop Earing
Eye patch 
Stripey trousers

3. Pirate Activities:

Pop over to Leandra at LarabeeUK Pirate and Mermaids Pinterest board for lots of activities and books and such! 

4. Songs:

5. TV and Films:

The Pirates in 3D

Muppet Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Scooby Doo in Pirates Ahoy!

Pirates of The Caribbean

The Goonies

Peter Pan


So there you have it..

Now off ye go and have yourself a fabulous Piratey kinda day!


  1. This national day always tickles me. Arghh! ;) #thelist

  2. Ha, these are fun. Yes, the lingo is important and I plan on wearing at least a pirate hat tomorrow.

  3. Ha ha! Did you have a wonderful talk like a pirate day?! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x


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