Alternative Uses for Baby Items!

I asked my followers on Twitter and Instagram for their top items that become something else once babies have finished with them. Here are the responses I got:


Great for breast feeding....Also great for propping up a tired Mum and also makes a great sitting support when babe just starts sitting (who needs a Bumbo!)

Top and Tail Bowl.

Does anyone actually use these things? I mean for their intended use? Various uses were messaged to me including a bowl for playdough to be presented as an Invitation to play. Another Mum uses it as storage for her days nappys and wipes. Another uses it in her baking cupboard to keep all her sprinkles tubs and spices together (genius!!).

Baby Bath.

I'm finding it impossible to find a mum who actually used hers! Various uses from storing toys to becoming a laundry basket. Oh and I had sand tray/water tray emailed to me aswell!

Baby Wipes.

And then theres this video I found....Mind blimmin BLOWN!!!

Wipe Clean Mess Mat.

Doubles as a white board marker art mat, long after baby has left the highchair.

Muslin Cloths.

Seems these are as useful as baby wipes, if you want to clean/dry/dust just grab a muslin!

Empty Baby Bath/Shampoo bottles.

(not really an alternative but a great re-use/recycle) especially as in the last 2 weeks Evie has injured her self 3/4/5 times trying to wash her hands after a wee!! So a special one for toddlers cant reach taps?

Other things I have come across during my interweb browsing research:
  1. Baby food (jarred) as muffin flavouring (yuk!)
  2. Nappy's (unused) as hanging basket liners.
  3. Baby wipe tubs for toddler posting activities.
  4. Formula scoops for coffee.
  5. Nipple creams for sore lips and dry hands, and baby rash.
  6. Talc to remove sand from your body, also makes a good dry shampoo (don't go crazy though!)
  7. Moses baskets, remove the covers and hood and use as toy baskets/laundry baskets.
Do you have any other top tips? What would be the thing you don't throw away because you still use it now (even if its not for the original use!) Oh and whats the thing you have had for years and still use now?

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  1. I love the idea of using white board markers on the messy mat! Seeing the nipple cream suggestion reminded me that I use Lansinoh pure lanolin nipple cream on my wool nappy covers :)

  2. Haha this made me giggle. I like the idea of the using an old bottle for the tap but I think it would do my head in :) x

  3. Haha! An infinitely useful post!! Love that tap extension, genius! xxxx

  4. Thats amazing, I teach hairdressing and am going to try this !


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