15 Things Tween's Should Do Before They Hit High School.

Of course my series of 15 Things wouldnt be complete without a visit to a #tweensbucketlist too! (Heres the #babybucketlist and #toddlerbucketlist)

1) Master the eye roll, THEN master the art of saying you didn't even when you know you did and you know your Mum knows you did too! Do not give in...remember you did not, I repeat DID NOT roll your eyes. (Even though you did)

2) Insist that everyone hates you, all the time. Because even though Mum took you on that mega shopping spree and spend hundreds of pounds on a whole new summer wardrobe the fact that she wouldn't buy you that £1 packet of loom bands can only mean one thing...she hates you! Obvs!

3) Scream and jump around the room when ever, dare I even say it...One Direction (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk shhrrreeeaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkk wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE YOU LOUIS!!!!!!!!) are mentioned. You know just like that.

4) Cry and tantrum whenever your Dad/Grandad/StepDad/Uncle dare say that One Direction (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk shhrrreeeaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkk wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE YOU HARRY!!!!!!!!) are rubbish. Who the hell are Oasis anyway? 

5) At 8 years old you must must MUST have a phone because all of your friends have one and what about Facebook they all have one of them too! (Well OK its just 1 or 2 people in your class, but you want one soooo....)

6) Exclaim your bored....like all the time, because you have nothing to do. Even though your room is full of Moshi Monsters/Loom Bands/Stickers/Crafts/CD's and DVD's.) The fact that your DS needs charging means everything else in your room room is rubbish. Oh and remember the line ''yeah sell them then I don't even care'' (Don't worry, it not very often they go through with it!)

7) Play with your baby siblings toys and complain that they are ''taking them off you''. Their toys are actually really cool...just erm don't tell your friends that actually the play kitchen and building blocks are the thing you play with in the house most.

8) When you hear Tidy Up...this actually means dump it all under your bed. 

9) Anything older than you yeah, well THAT was the olden times.

10) ''Forget'' about the homework you was given until the very last minute, what I mean is you should be writing it as you are leaving the house....Its OK, if Mum isn't too pissed off (sorry bad word) she will make an excuse for you.

11) Insist your ill, you have been up all night and feel so poorly you cant not leave your bed. Then the exact second Mum hangs up the phone to the school and to tell her work she wont be in, that my friend is your cue to get out of bed insist your better an eat a weeks worth of food just for breakfast. She isn't going to take you to school because actually she is quite happy she gets a day of work!

12) Decide your ''on a diet'', even though you don't even now what that means. Everyone else is saying it so you are too. Now go out and spend any pocket money you get on a crappy magazine, a bottle of fizzy pop and loads of sweets.

13) Nan and Grandad always tell you that story about Mum/Dad when she/he was your age so that means it is OK for you to do it. End Of!  Please remember when you say ''well you did it' they will exclaim 'I'm gonna stick my head in the oven are you gonna copy that as well?'' This is your time to tell them they are just so stupid and big idiots. (Be careful this may end up in you getting send to your room)

14) Tween girls: Its an unwritten tween/teen fashion rule that your skirt needs to be rolled up at least 4 times for school...and remember Nan says Mum did it so that must mean its alright.

15) You need that latest toy thingy. I mean I know you wont play with it. Like. Erm. Ever! But all of your friends are going to have one and you will not be left out.

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  1. OMG!!!! Did someone mention One Direction!!!! Cue swooning, loud music and 'I love them so much' (and thats just me) :-) Can totally relate...this is everyday in our house!!!! The eye-roll, the backchat and the need to have a phone!!! Doesnt last long......

  2. Haha brilliant! This is spot on! With boys and girls (apart from 1D) and the boyband thing is relevant every month when they like a new band!

  3. OMG......!!! Fantastic.... I can relate to all 15. haha damn those loom bands.

    Brilliant loved it!!

    Sa xXx

  4. They also need some hand exercises for texting, they need to learn feet dragging and stomping. Tween essentials!

  5. Haha love this and hate my folks telling my kids how naughty I was! Ha! #thelist

  6. This is great. Thankfully we are a way off this stage yet at our house. I hope loom bands will be a thing of history by then! Thanks for much for linking up to #TheList x

  7. You crack me up hunny! - I swear the only way you can get these lists so spot on is because you still think like that…am I right?! (I only know because I think I do too! - feels like yesterday!) xxx #TheList

  8. Wow, these are so hilarious. And yes, I did most of these too. The one about a diet, still do. #thelist

  9. Brilliant!! Made me laugh! And spot on! I was 7 years older than my sister so I was a nightmare to her!!!!! Whooooops! ;) x x

  10. I loved all the "things to do" series.. They're hilarious :) x

  11. Love this! You totally need a falling into the twenties list coz I swear I still act like a teenager I refuse to grow up!


  12. hahaha! That is all so true!! Love this!!

  13. This made me smile! Feeling quite pleased that very little of this happens in our house! I have two boys - 13 and nearly 11, who scream at the mention of One Direction, in the sense of 'UUUUUGH, UUUUGH, I hate One Direction!'. My 8 year old girl hasn't started any of this yet either :)

  14. Awh thankfully we don't get homework until after Christmas and *Whispers* one direction hasn't hit our house yet, thankfully but great post can relate to most :)

  15. I've got all this to look forward to! ;) Great post.


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps x

  16. hahaha! "Well you did it" got me into no end of bother when I was a kid! #WEEKLYLINKY

  17. Ha ha very funny. With an almost five year old am dreading the mobile phone/social media account stage.....


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