Yoghurt Bark | Cooking With Kids

The beauty of this is its versatility...

What you need:
Large Tub Fat Free Natural Yoghurt
Choice of Toppings...we used dried apple pieces, mini fudge pieces, strawberry fruit drops and chocolate chips.

There are some great options I have seen...how about swap the youghurt for melted white chocolate topped with freeze dried strawberry and pistachio's (yum, I;m going to make this one for myself soon keep a look out!) or how about a fruit and nut youghurt bark? 

First up cover your baking tray with some greaseproof paper...then pour the yoghurt onto the paper and spread it round (it needs to be quite thick)...

Next sprinkle on your toppings and pop in the freezer over night. 

Break up and store in a freezer in a suitable tub. 


Alternative Uses for Baby Items!

I asked my followers on Twitter and Instagram for their top items that become something else once babies have finished with them. Here are the responses I got:


Great for breast feeding....Also great for propping up a tired Mum and also makes a great sitting support when babe just starts sitting (who needs a Bumbo!)

Top and Tail Bowl.

Does anyone actually use these things? I mean for their intended use? Various uses were messaged to me including a bowl for playdough to be presented as an Invitation to play. Another Mum uses it as storage for her days nappys and wipes. Another uses it in her baking cupboard to keep all her sprinkles tubs and spices together (genius!!).

Baby Bath.

I'm finding it impossible to find a mum who actually used hers! Various uses from storing toys to becoming a laundry basket. Oh and I had sand tray/water tray emailed to me aswell!

Baby Wipes.

And then theres this video I found....Mind blimmin BLOWN!!!

Wipe Clean Mess Mat.

Doubles as a white board marker art mat, long after baby has left the highchair.

Muslin Cloths.

Seems these are as useful as baby wipes, if you want to clean/dry/dust just grab a muslin!

Empty Baby Bath/Shampoo bottles.

(not really an alternative but a great re-use/recycle) especially as in the last 2 weeks Evie has injured her self 3/4/5 times trying to wash her hands after a wee!! So a special one for toddlers cant reach taps?

Other things I have come across during my interweb browsing research:
  1. Baby food (jarred) as muffin flavouring (yuk!)
  2. Nappy's (unused) as hanging basket liners.
  3. Baby wipe tubs for toddler posting activities.
  4. Formula scoops for coffee.
  5. Nipple creams for sore lips and dry hands, and baby rash.
  6. Talc to remove sand from your body, also makes a good dry shampoo (don't go crazy though!)
  7. Moses baskets, remove the covers and hood and use as toy baskets/laundry baskets.
Do you have any other top tips? What would be the thing you don't throw away because you still use it now (even if its not for the original use!) Oh and whats the thing you have had for years and still use now?

Mums' Days

One Pot Creamy Veg Spaghetti in 20 Minutes

You know when you have been busy all day and you really cant be bothered to cook anything (or wash any pots later on in the evening?) this is perfect for those situations! less than 5 minutes to prep...less than 15 minutes to cook and less than 5 minutes to wash up AND if your lucky the hubs or tween might offer to wash for you seeing as there is only 1 pan!

What you need (this served 3 adult portions, 2 toddler portions and a baby portion with loads spare!)

1 pack spaghetti 
2 courgette's (sliced and cut into quarters)
1 cup of peas
2 cloves garlic (sliced thinly)
1 good sprinkle of dried herbs
4 1/2 cups of cold water
2 handfuls of grated Cheese
1 small tub double cream

Pop your spaghetti, courgette's, peas, garlic, herbs and water in a large pan.
Bring to the boil, then reduce to a simmer until the pasta is cooked and the water has reduced (aroound 8-10 minutes)
Stir in the cheese and cream.


Toilet Roll Fish Puppets.

If your like me you will have a million and one toilet roll tubes just sat waiting for something to be done with them! Here's a super quick craft all ages can get involved with and it gets rid of those pesky tubes too.

(PS this craft wont make those toilet rolls spontaneously combust it just turns them into something else but well you know!)

What you need: 

Toilet Roll Tubes (1 for each fish)
Tissue Paper
(any thing else you can think of to decorate!)

First up you need to make your fish....

Once you have made your fish its time to decorate...

Cutting and sticking.

Felt Pens (how cute is the little smiley face that Jenson did!!!)

Shiny sequins!

The finished product:

The monsters loved the Under The Sea Theme, and I must apologise that I haven't blogged more of our activities. But be sure to head over to Leandra's blog (Larabee) and check out our Rainbow Fish Craft.


Playhouse Makeover!

Betty isn't the only one getting a makeover....the monsters playhouse was in need of a little something and as we are planning a house move in the next year we have decided to hold off with the bedroom decorating! 

So hmmmm how to use the blackboard paint that Rustoleum kindly send us? And the alphabet frieze sent from Chubby Pineapple?? I wanted them put to great use....so why not spruce up the boring old playhouse turned dumping ground for plastic ball pool balls and broken outdoor toys and take it back to what it's makers intended...somewhere for fun!!! 

An outdoor creative station is the plan and soon I will add in a table with paper roll and also an art gallery for the kids to hang up there art (because who wants paper blowing around their garden right?) so here we have our new improved creative den 90% ready but I couldn't wait to show you it! ( I'll update you as soon as the rest is done! 


The lovely people at Rustoleum sent us the blackboard paint for entering a Pinterest competition ran by the lovely Hannah at Mums Days. 


The paint was really easy to use and didn't really have a strong smell so I allowed my sensible (at times!!!) Jenson to help out as he was busting to help me! 

After: Still a few of the edges to go, and the floor now needs a spruce up thanks to Jenson and his splatting! I used just 1 coat with the roller, where Jenson had painted with the brush needed 2 but I think that's down to Jenson not the paint (or brush!!) 

You can buy Rustoleum blackboard paint from most DIY stores and you can get it in black, blue, pink or red!! Check out the website HERE!!


As we painted all 3 walls I felt it a good idea to do something different on each side, so 1 side became our Alphabet wall. Chubby Pineapples alphabet frieze has really made it look great. What do you think?

The pictures are simple, recognisable and bright....you can choose from 2 colours blue or pink. We chose pink (obvs...you're not blind!) the pink is a subtle pale pink. The frieze comes in 1 piece, 3 metres long, I cut it to make it fit.

The letters are as they learn at school....

Jenson couldn't resist having a little practice scribble!

You can buy the alphabet frieze from Chubby Pineapple HERE!  

I've made a family portrait wall with frames for them to fill in with portraits.

 and included a little piece of name art using foam stickers! 

Other little details:

Star and flower fairy lights.

Chairs (for now!)

And this post wouldn't be complete without a few pics of my gorgeous monsters enjoying their new playhouse!

(oops as usual Elsie bear doesnt sit still, much to much stuff to touch and eat oopps I mean play with!

In the next few weeks we will finish of the floor I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet and also I want a small shelf around the top of the back wall and above the window to keep a couple of books, also I'll add some big cushions so it can become a little reading nook for them!

Disclaimer: We were sent both products for free to review. All thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.

Pizza Muffins | Cooking With Kids

Hi everyone it's Ellie, first thank you to Debs at Super Busy Mum! Mummy has gone crazy for her toddler snack feature and I thought the Cheesey Tommy Muffins looked yum and I wanted to make some but I have changed your recipe a little bit and have turned them into Pizza Muffins.

Oh No!! Kids Say The Funniest Things!

I was in the kitchen an I called through to the playroom dining room...

''what are you up to guys??''

Jenson's reply as to why they were so quiet...

''I need a west (rest) Mummy, I setting (sweating)''

Then a pause...

''I am setting ik (like) a pig''

Another pause...

''I setting ik a great big fat pig''

Another pause...

''Like you Mummy.''

Now I'm unsure if he is calling me sweaty or a great big fat pig, either way I'd rather be described as ermmm a sweet smelling something...not a sweaty fat pig! Ahhh from the mouths of babes!!!

5 Ideas For...Celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Arrggh Me Hearties! So I just found out the 19th September is Talk Like A Pirate Day! So here is your guide to all things erm piratey!!

Summer Berry Granola Sundae

Toddler Approved Snack that grown up's can enjoy too! Oh and toddlers can help make it.


What you need:

Berrys...we used blueberries, blackberries and strawberries
2 flavours of yoghurt

Spoon a couple of heaps of your first flavour yoghurt...

Then sprinkle on a good layer of granola...

spoon a layer of your 2nd yoghurt...

Then top with a sprinkle of granola and your berries and to finish of a quick squeeze of honey!...