Toilet Roll Pen Holder.

If your anything like me and keep boxes and tubes, just incase...heres  a quick craft that older kids can help with.

What you will need:

3 Toilet Roll Tubes
1 Mini Cereal Box (ours were from the nNestle Variety Pak's)
Paint (Or Felt Pens)
Coloured Wool

Carefully unfold your cereal box and cut out a rectangle from one of the big sections....

Decorate the plain side of the box (we made 2 we painted one and drew on the other)

Keep 1 roll as it is, cut 1 of the rolls in half, and another of the rolls need about an inch taking of.

Start wrapping the wool around the tubes to do this first we tied it over the width and the wrapped (round and across) around the tube...

Once you get to the end of you wool tuck in tightly to secure...

Glue the box back together then once dry pop the rolls into your box...

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