The Day Out That Wasnt.

Monday was family day, well we were due to take Ellie to her Dads and so decided to take the other monsters for a day out somewhere on our way home.

We chose to go to Wheelgate Park as we had been given a free family ticket (not from the Park themselves, my Mum had won a competition and had given it to us). 

Now those of you who saw my  Twitter and Instagram yesterday may know where this is going...

We arrived around lunchtime and on entry the first area you see has a couple of rides, now anyone who knows Jenson knows he loves rides, he also hasn't stopped going on about pirate ship rides since we went to the fair a couple of weeks ago. There was a pirate ship so we asked Jenson do you want to go on the Pirate ship...well you would have thought I has asked if he wanted me to cut his arm off...all hell broke lose and the tantrum was like no other. I actually do not get kids sometimes, they just totally confuse me! So we left the pirate ship and continued on to find some toilets...

On our travels we came across one of those erm swing rides (do you know what I mean?),again a ride Jenson usually loves....Evie went to queue up and Jenson, well Jenson tantrumed AGAIN! Great...just great! 

After the ride we went to the toilet and to find an area for our picnic, maybe he was just hungry and needed some food to cheer him up!

We had a nice lunch in one of the many picnic areas and set off for another walk, choosing to go to their farm/animal area, the monsters loved it in this area, sheep, goats, rabbits, snakes, lizards lots of animals to see and we wandered around to the chickens to find it was time to feed the chickens and collect the eggs! Great Fun! Me and Evie were game...Jenson not so much, as tantrum number 3 threatened to make an appearence we nipped it in the bud pretty quickly, hallelujah for camera phones!! And me and Evie went through to feed the chickens (Jenson later joined us when it was time to collect the eggs!) 

Collecting Eggs!

Look how good he can be! Stood so nicely waiting his turn to throw fruit and veg to the chickens!

Now I have no pics but shortly after this pic Evie got chased by a chicken for the apple in her hand! She is so small that her hand hanging at the side of her was right at the chickens level so it chased her around for the apple...oh seriously I thought I was going to wet myself!!!! All I could do was shout throw the apple, let go of the apple, in between my laughs, when really I probably have saved her! 

After the chickens we headed to the water park....

Pretty impressive hey! Whats not to like! I mean its Monster Heaven!!!

Well he played for a little while then of course...

A bloody tantrum....because I asked him if he wanted to go on the slide! Serioulsy what is wrong with kids when you ask them if they want to do something nice and they just scream at you? What is that all about? 

We stayed for a little while because well it was Evies day out aswell and why should she miss out because Jenson wanted to be a shit!?!?!

Then the tantrum took a turn, because we were ignoring know when you ignore the tantrum thinking it will just stop...they will just give up? (and they actually rarely do!) Well we were ignoring him so he decided to kick the shit out of the pram. That Elsie was sleeping in...that was it I lost my temper and shouted at him kids all around stopped and stared at me (well they didnt but you know when you think god I bet everyone was looking!!!). I grabbed Evie and got her changed that was it I had had enough we were going home, fed up completely of a 3 year old and his shitty ridiculous tantrums over absolutely nothing...a 3 year old who seemed to have forgotten how to communicate with people and could only scream at me. 

So you know the threats of ''if you dont behave we are going home''? The ones we never follow through with?

I only went and bloody did it...we walked straight out of there, and of course he tantrumed and stressed the whole way to the car! 'I dont wanta go 'ome, I wanta tay, I wants pay on a wides'' was what I asumme he was telling me through the screeches and the crying!

So then in the car and within 5 minutes he was asleep...and I was asleep not long after...after ranting on twitter and posting a tear stained cheek selfie with a bit of a rant on Instagram...

Please tell me I'm not the only Mummy to have felt like this on a day out? That I'm not the only Mummy to have ended a day out after just 2 hours? That I'm not the only Mummy reduced to their 3 year olds inability to behave?


  1. Oh dear... it seems so long ago that I had to put up with those tantrums with my three - but I defy any mum to say that she has not experienced a day when you just don't understand what is going on in those red faced little heads. If it's any consolation, I have on occasion carried through the threat, and only last year when the teenager didn't come downstairs when he was called for dinner after the third warning, he found me scraping his food into the bin. It will get better - Jenson is developing his own little personality. I bet if you hadn't suggested all the rides he would have thrown a wobbly in order to go on them... Sometimes you just can't win, and if it was less stressful to pack up and go, then you did the right thing. Chin up.

  2. You are not alone! You are though really brave for actually going through with taking them home - I've often threatened this but not gone through with it. Keep up the good work and they will learn eventually, even if it is so stressful and upsetting.


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