Could It Get More Awkward! The Birds and The Bees...

That time has come...the time Ellie has gotten so grown up that the awkward questions are no longer fulfilled by silly answers...So yesterday me and Ellie had the Sex talk!

Talk about the petrol station Ellie saw a newspaper with a headline about obviously she had to as me 'Mummy whats sperm?' except she kinda shouted it! I tried to ignore her not knowing how to reply but what is it about ignoring kids that makes them ask even louder so even more people look at you? And they look at you almost mocking, piss taking...'Yeah go on Mummy...what IS sperm...go on tell her...tell her now so we can hear your awkward reply and laugh about it when we get back in our car!''

I told her to stop calling stuff out and wait till we got home, but oh no could she wait till we got home? Could she heck...all the way home...why cant you just tell me now! Mumm tell me now! I just want to know!

Well I can tell you, now she wish she hadn't of asked!

After years of 'the stork brings it' and such answers when asked how did the baby get in your tummy? This time she was quite specific, I mean you cant really make something up can you? So  I decided now was the time to tell my curious and curioser girl the truth.

I wish I could tell you how I broached it...but the truth is I dont know it was a bit gabbled and probably not the greatest information that was ever given on the subject, but I was honest and truthful and with my answer she was satisfied...if some what disgusted that anyone would ever do that!

''THAT is disgusting, I am never ever ever having a baby....''

And as the information seemed to settle in

''Just why...why would anyone WANT to do that...''

Then her last on the subject, as she abruptly told me to stop talking...

''I'm never having babies...I'm adopting...right Mum?''

As she looked at me in disgust that I would EVER EVER do something like THAT!

Have you had to approach this subject yet?

Maybe you did a better job of explaining like Truth About Parenting writes.

Maybe you used the internet to explain, or books? (I don't mean porn...I mean there must be parenting pages that cover it right?) 

Was it impromptu, like mine? Or did you plan 'the conversation'?

Did you just leave it to school to tell them?

I would love to know your Top Tips as I really want to sit down and explain it properly to her, I mean we didn't talk about the puberty thing or the loving relationship thing, or the age thing? Oh god...I've only touched the tip of the iceberg havent I? 


  1. I brought daughter a book of amazon think it was called girls only ( something like that) and it is for girls aged 9+ in primary school and tells them a about puberty and sex etc. luckily she hasn't asked me how babies are made or anything yet ( she's 11) xx

  2. Oh dear. My toddler isn't even two yet and I'm already dreading that kind of conversation! Hope you figure out a good way to explain it all to her.

  3. I dread the day I have to have the talk!! Can't imagine it was easy? #mummymonday

  4. Oh wow, I am not looking forward to this at all!! Where is the nearest convent......
    By the sounds of it you should go into teaching sex ed as she sounds like it is the last thing she ever wants to do!! Haha!!

  5. heheee! Welcome to THE conversation! Gabby was asking questions about 6 months ago. She asked when Mike was there, as I would have skirted around the subject as she's not even 8 yet. But Mike full on got out some paper and started drawing diagrams! Gabby wished she hadn't asked either…until it dawned on her, but how do the seeds get inside you? I wasn't ready for that bit so we stuck with the 'special cuddle'…she was satisfied. For now.


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