5 Ideas For...Saving Money on your Weekly Shop.

Following my 5 Ideas For Planning For Christmas and Money Saving Tips I thought I'd share my top tips for saving money on your weekly shop. We save around 1/3 on our weekly shop when I follow my own advice!!

1. My biggest money saver tip is to plan for the week ahead.

I use this Downloadable meal planner from Netmums (they have 2 available to download, a weekly or monthly)

2. Write a shopping list.

Now I know to some this will sound a bit mad but I write a couple of lists: My first list will be EVERYTHING ON MY MENU...EVERYTHING from every recipe.

Then I will head to the kitchen and everything that we have I cross of my list.

3. Shop around/look around the internet for vouchers.

When I rewrite the list (see above!!) I split it up into the 4 main places we shop (Home Bargains, Poundland, Heron and Tesco/Morrisons/Asda). It does take longer to do the whole shop around thing, but once you get into a routine it gets alot quicker, once you know where to shop for the cheaper bits. 

4. Make use of what you buy.

Tortilla wraps opened one day for wraps, Pizza Bite Boats another day. My kids gets bored of the same foods so I make sure I make the most of what I buy and make it little bit different.

5. Cook extra to go in the fridge/freezer for lunches and nights when you need quick teas.

I try and cook more than we will need especially when it is pasta dishes as we all love pasta in our house! Mac cheese on night becomes cheesy pasta with bacon/hot dog sausage for the next days lunch.  And its always handy to have extras in the freezer for unexpected times.


  1. Great tips....I meal plan too which really helps.

  2. Great ideas!! I am always looking at ways to save money. The bills are so depressing :( we seem to need to shop every other day! Shopping once a week or doing it on-line really helps too x x

  3. Thanks so much for the mention, I hope you enjoy the pizza boats.

    Great tips! :)

  4. Oooh I've not seen that download. Love it!

  5. Great tips! we should really start a meal plan!

  6. brilliant tips im always looking for ways to save money on the food shop

  7. Great tips, we need to meal plan more, not sure I could go to 4 different shops though. Thanks for linking to #MumsList x