5 ideas for...Planning For Christmas and Money Saving Ideas.

After reading Hannah's Countdown To Christmas post I realised I really need to make a start on it!

Every year we end up taking out a loan and it takes 'til forever to pay it back and then by the time we have paid it off theirs no time to save for Christmas and the loan gets taken out again...sound familiar? I'm sure we arent the only family that does this? Right?

So which of Hannah's 9 tips will I be using? 

Cutting costs.

 Buying preloved, I mean the kids dont know do they! We just found a play kitchen/food/shopping basket AND shopping trolley, on a local selling site for just £8! EIGHT BLOOMING POUNDS! BARGAIN!
And also shopping around for bargains, if yu have the time Amazon can have some great bargains but snap them up quick, they change the prices as quick as they reduce them! 


I have always been one that doesnt claim because of 'what others think' BUT #1 Who knows that your claiming right? #2 I AM ENTITLED TO IT! So why shouldn't we claim it!  #3 Times are tough and why should we be getting out loans etc just to ''see us through'' when their is money sat waiting to help us through it? 
So anyway I used the Goverment Benefits Advisor Tool, follow the link above to Hannah's post (TIP NUMBER 5!!!) And we could be claiming a BIG BIG chunk in our rent!! (Thanks Hannah we will definatly be sorting that out next week!)

Get a new hobby.

I have been OBSESSED with Pinterest lately and we (me and Ellie!) have been finding some real Cool Makes  and are planning on getting crafty and creative and making some pressies, is that being tight? (Hope not!)

My other tips include:
  • Saving my Clubcard Points from Tesco and Boots Advatage Card points taking advantage of their offers nearer Christmas.  
  • Sort out Christmas dinner now, by that I mean sort out where your going, or in fact who is coming round to yours. The last 2 years we have had family round at ours (if you follow me on Twitter you may have seen my tweets about last Christmas when we had 12 people for lunch and 15 at night!) and where as I am responsible for the majority of the cooking we all split the cost of the food/drinks, which is a big cost, and 1 person will pay for the turkey, someone else for the alcohol and someone else all the other bits. I didnt worry about asking, I mean it saves them money too right?

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