20 Facts About Me Tag

Yesterday I was tagged by the lovely Gemma at Sunshine On A Cloudy Day (and a few others but I'm sorry I can't remember who!) on Instagram for the 20 facts tag...

1. I'm OBSESSED with social media since taking up blogging I'm glued to twitter! 
2. I once sang (as a child) to Michael Barrymore (i  think it was Happy and You know it?) Mum, I know you read the blog so is this a real memory? I'm sure we was in Blackpool? At the pleasure beach?
3. My last 2 pregnancys were complete surprises! 
4. I pooped giving birth (ohhhh the shame!!!!) 
5. My earliest memory is being in hospital. I kind of remember being in an ambulance and then remember the playroom after. I believe I was about 3. Again Mum is this a real memory? 
6. If I could have one skill it would to be able to sew! I love pinning posts but the reality is I'll never be able to make any of them! 
7. I love Hollyoaks! 
8. I'm a hoarder (its bad!!) 
9. I get really easily stressed 
10. I'm a really emotional person and the smallest things make me cry! Happy moments, sad moments you name it I cry! 
11. During a talent show at school my trousers ripped, I don't think anyone noticed luckily! 
12. I really REALLY want a caravan! ( I have a pinboard 
13. I'm shit scared of fire/ flames so much so even a match/lighter scare me...
14. And I have a bit of a phobia of cotton wool too.
15. I would love to drive but the truth is I'm to much of a worrier! As a passenger I spent the entire journey worrying about "risks" and In my head the most dangerous things can happen when in fact its barely anything! 
16. I cry at everything on TV my head puts me in every situation I see, I hate it! 
17. I have lost 1.5 stone in the last 5 months. 
18. I'm addicted to ebay and getting bargain bits for the kids wardrobes! 
19. Nothing in our house is 'ours' its all hand me downs or second hand, that makes me feel sad but at the same time grateful 
20. The family member I'm closest to my is my Nan I see her at least 4 times a week! 

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  1. You weren't wrong when you said they were random lol. Love it though 😂 x


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