Slimming World Friendly Mini Sausage and Pickle Rolls. Less than 2 syns per Roll!!

Perfect for when your looking for a child friendly lunch (or snack) and something you can enjoy on Slimming World...

What you need:

4 sheets of chilled filo pastry
Fry light
8 low fat sausages (I used the Tesco Healthy Living)
3 tbsp sweet pickle

Preheat oven to Gas 6.

Cut the skins off  the sausages and put the sausage meat in a bowl (dispose of the skins you wont need these!) add the pickle and combine the 2 until well mixed. 

On a baking tray layer 2 sheets of filo pastry and spray each sheet with fry light (if your not a slimming worlder you can use butter) 

Divide the meat mixture into 2 and but half along the SHORT side of pastry and roll up, spray again with frylight and repeat with the remaining pastry sheets and meat mixture. 

Pop in oven for 30min 


How I worked out the syns:

pastry: 12 syns
pickle: 3 syns
sausage: 8
total syns: 23
portions: 14
syns per portion: 1.6


  1. Fantastic recipe and some very tasty looking sausage rolls. I'm going to give your recipe a try as my youngest is dairy intolerant and I hadn't thought of using filo pastry!! He'll love them :D x

    1. Good Luck! Let me know if you do try them, would love to know what you think! X

  2. want to try this recipe be a good one for christmas


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