A (Unexpected) Visit To Hospital.

When we decided on our Summer Bucketlist I dont recall adding a visit to hospital BUT thats were we found myself for the majority of this week....

You see on Tuesday afternoon Jenson decided, for some strange god dam reason...to put a bead up his nose...yes a bead a small children's jewelery making bead.  I was in the kitchen and had asked Ellie to watch them whilst I made a start on tea, but of course, 9 year old grls have much better things to do then watch their brothers sooooo whilst Ellie was watching the new Come Dine With Me Jenson took his chance to climb up on the units and for some strange reason take a bead and shove it up his nose, to say I wasn't impressed could be an understatement as I quietly panicked and quickly rang Dean to get home so I could take him to the hospital. 

We arrived at A&E to an almost empty waiting room around 5.20,my first thoughts phheww shouldn't be long...yeah right! As usual my local hospital is, without a doubt SHIT! And being in a seaside resort after a couple of hot days meant that there was no shortage of idiots with stupid ailments (including a grown woman who had let herself get horrendously sunburned (but had ''been wearing factor 50'' yeah right love!!) and also a criminal in handcuffs who 'couldnt feel her arms' yeah right!!!) to get seen before our 'non emergency'. 

Sulky Pants in the waiting room...

So eventually at 8.40 I found myself in the Childrens Room holding Jenson down whilst a Doctor attempted (I use the term loosely) to remove the bead with a suction tube and tweezers, well as you can imagine it didnt go down to well and after a failed second attempt with just the tweezers, the Doctor gave up advising me to go home and that the bead ''couldnt go any further'' so I shouldnt worry and return the next day. 

This shocked me as I was sure the bead had plenty more space to move up, the million of times I had looked at it in the waiting room it hadnt moved from maybe halfway up his nostril. So imagine my shock when we got outside and I looked again and couldnt see the bead...had we really just been sat in hospital for 3 hours and it now just ''fell out?'' I coulnt believe it and kept checking and when we got home i could see it...it was still there BUT now right up the very top of his nose and hardly visible...that stupid doctor had made it worse....no wonder he said it coulnt go anywhere!!!

The next day my mothers intuition told me to take him elsewhere I just wanted a better doctor so we travelled 25 miles to the next closest hospital. We arrived at 10.15 to an empty apart from 2 others and again had another ridiculous wait...2 and a half hours this time but This doctor took one look and decided he wasnt going to touch it (I was actually pleased, I'd rather he told the truth and said he didnt want to attempt it than do what the last doc had done and made it worse!) So he called over to the nearest ENT (Ear Nose Throat) specialist and got us on the list to be seen BUT as we were 45/50 miles away we would have to go through the next hospitals A&E aswell...I just wanted it sort!!!

So at 3 o clock we arrived at Lincoln Central A&E....an almost empty waiting room surely it wouldnt take too long? But no again we waited over an hour just to see the nurse in triage...why are A&E's so slow at getting people seen, I mean from when we sat down their were 2 in front of us who were called in and sent back out BUT inbetween this we all just seemed to sit there whilst the nurse enjoyed a coffee? because she certainly didnt leave the side room she was situated in? Anyways we were seen and she told us she would contact ENT and ket them know we were here. Another wait of 30 minutes and I was sure they were going to send us home to return another day....it was nearing 5 o clock, closing time for lots of clinics. 

Again the ENT doctor took a look and refused to touch it, instead deciding it was so deep the only option he had was to admit him onto childrens ward under emergency surgery to remove it! The words I had been dreading....''we will put him to sleep and then remove it'' I was shocked but so pleased that at last after 24 hours something was finally getting done.

We were placed on Rainforest Ward and oh it was lovely, friendly faces, bright and inviting, full of laughter and chatter everything you could want from a childrens ward (we have previously sat on childrens ward with Elsie after she was born and her jaundice got hurrendously bad we had to have blood tests for her, the ward we were send to at Boston Hospital was awful, it was unfriendly, dull, uninviting had pictures and paint peeling from the walls, the room we were sat in had an over store of equipment.) 

Anyway back to Rainforest ward...we were shown to our bed and booked in and shown around, parents room to help ourselves to drinks, a playroom to come and go to, introduced to all the staff...it was a million miles away from our previous experience! 

Talking to his new friend!

Practising his breathing into the mask that would get him 'to sleep'.

All of the staff that we came into contact with were amazing! From Nurses, specialist consultants, Ward staff, anethetists, surgeons they were ALL amazing! And yes it was one of the worst parenting experiences I have ever had to go through (funnily enough my other 'worst parenting experience involves hospitals to...when Ellie was just a few days old and had to have a butterfly cannula insterted to her foot BUT that is a whole other story I might talk about one day!) holding your 3 year old down whilst he is screaming to have a cuddle and let him go home whilst an anesthetist holds a mask over his face is without a doubt heartbreaking and gutting and tear inducing. I sat in tears my head facing the other way telling him it was all going to be alright. 

The next 45 minutes went by so so soooo slowly that I thought the clocks had stopped! No amount of coffee and TV can make that time go faster to have your baby back by your side...the space where his bed was...now empty. I sat in my bedside chair with his dummy in my hand and his special blanket and taggy snuggled up to me! at last I heard the door buzzer and knew he was back with me! 

I know I sound like he had life threatning surgery and the fact is it was just removal of a bead....and their may be parents reading this who's children have been through much worse but the fact is it was traumatic and never ever again do i want to be in that position...waiting for my son to come out of theatre. Its awful and my heart goes to any Mummy and Daddy who have to have constant visits to childrens ward. 

In all we have driven 150ish miles to get the bloody bead out and its safe to say ALL beads have now been moved to the very top shelf where even if he climbs on the smaller unit he cant reach them!!!


  1. Oh love, I'm crying with you - so utterly awful xxx thank god it's out! Who'd have thought just one little 'bloody bead' could cause that much bother and heart ache :( xxxx

  2. Oh goodness! Boys!! Glad it got sorted x x


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